Help Skepticon Make Its Budget!

Skepticon dinosaur cartoon, brontosaurus-like, thought-bubbling the money symbol with an exclamation markSkepticon! It’s time to register (whether you’re going for free or not), and donate something if you can (whatever you think a ticket would be worth if it wasn’t free). They are just ten grand short of making their budget. They have some matching donors that will double your donation, and some cool things you can make happen. So check out the details. The full schedule is also now up. And I’ll be there. So help them out. Send a little dosh their way.


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    I am contemplating travelling down to attend. Not 100% sure whether it will work out or not. In the meantime, do you know if a speaker/topic agenda has been created or published? There is no such information on the Skepticon web site.



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      I don’t know. But I’ll prompt them to add that info if they have it.

      The top of the conference web page has several links, one of which is “schedule” (and another is “speakers“), and I think both could include the speech topics or at least titles.

      So I’ll let them know.