Appearing in San Francisco: NAPCON 2013

Banner for the National Atheist Party Convention (NAPCON 2013).I’ll be speaking at an event held by the National Atheist Party in two weeks time. So sorry I’ve been absent from my blog for over a week. Traveling and speaking at two events last week in North Carolina and then bills and taxes (a several day job for me, as my wife and I work three jobs, two of them self-owned businesses) have kept me from getting back to my blogging. I’ve got a few things in the queue, but for now, just a quick announcement of my next event…

I’m an invited speaker for the one-day National Atheist Party conference. See a quick video promo for that. You can buy tickets and get more information here (and definitely read their webpage which has a lot more info). This will happen Saturday, March 9 (2013), 8am-5:30pm (followed by the afterparty, which you also have to get tickets for). There is a special fundraising luncheon as well (separate from the afterparty). It’s all being held at the South San Francisco Conference Center. A lot of cool speakers and performers are featured.

As a frequent denizen of San Francisco, I have to admit this conference center is a bit difficult to get to, so plan ahead for that. It’s not in downtown. Nor next to the airport. No BART station comes near it. But there are lots of hotel accommodations nearby and the facility is respectably highfalutin. My talk:

“Separation of Church and State: Pagan Style”

Dr. Carrier, a historian of antiquity, discusses some of the ways state and religion interacted in ancient Greece and Rome, and how the American Constitution is far more a product of secular pagan thought than Christian.

You know, some “ancient history” perspective on the whole idea of political atheism. Back to my roots.