Skepticon Emergency!

SOS! The venue is turning out to be far more expensive than planned and they don’t have the funds to cover it. The event might even be canceled. They still want to keep it free for those who have nothing to spare. But those of us who do have something to spare: donate what you can, even if just ten bucks (Ed Brayton sent them a hundred). Biodork explains it best here. Donate here. And if you’re going, hopefully I’ll see you there!


  1. birdterrifier says

    I hope everything works out. Wet paid 10 bucks each when we reserved our spots but will donate some more.

  2. standancer says

    Richard, just to let you know, the donate “here” button results in an error link. I will try to find another path, perhaps through Biodork, or the Skepticon main website.