Why Not a Christian Now an Audio Book!

My book Why I Am Not a Christian: Four Conclusive Reasons to Reject the Faith is now available as an audio book. You can get it on iTunes or on Amazon (which simply vends through Audible.com).


  1. Karl says


    I came across this offer for two free audiobooks from Audible: http://www.audible.com/offers/2749

    Looks like you need to sign up for an account (credit card required), and after 30 days they start charging $14.95/month. Of course, one can cancel the membership before the 30-day trial period expires.

    Feel free to moderate this comment out if you don’t get compensated for this type of “purchase”.


    • says

      I don’t have any control over what Audible does and know nothing about their marketing or membership practices. But if audio works like print publishing, they still have to pay the same royalty even when they give products away for free. Because they still have to pay the publisher for the right to sell the product.

  2. says

    Do you think it will be released in a non-locked format? I love the thought of Audible, but not so crazy about their format which won’t let me burn it to CD to listen to in my car. :/

    • says

      Audible says you are entitled to one burn, so you should check their help system (actually, just google audible burn to cd).

      Aso I know iTunes audiobooks can be loaded onto an iPod and played through a car stereo that way (you just need a five dollar tape cassette repeater if you don’t have a more recent car), and you used to be able to burn to CD as well (though I haven’t used a CD in many years, so that may have changed…who uses CDs anymore? They’re so massively data inefficient now).

    • says

      Yeah, so what’s funny about my car is that it’s modern in that it plays MP3 format when burned onto a CD (which is great), but has no external jack or tape player.

      So I can burn like 150 songs onto a CD and play them. And usually an entire audio book, but only if it’s in MP3 format.

      Ah well. I will just have you read it to me sometime. 😛

    • says

      You should still be able to do one burn, though, even with Audible files. Or that’s what they claim. So you should still be able to generate a CD like you want. Maybe there are special steps explained in their help screens somewhere. Or you can try a workaround (save the mpg to a file, then burn the file, etc.).

  3. chriskg says

    Dr. C,

    The link above only shows the paperback version from Amazon on your blog. Do you have another direct link you can post for Amazon?


    • says

      Audio books aren’t really sold on Amazon. Amazon bought Audible, and now uses that to vend audiobooks. So you have to go to Audible to find this. Or iTunes (which is Amazon’s competition now).

    • chriskg says

      Dr. C,

      It does not appear in either iTunes, nor on Amazon (yet). I’ll keep checking but if you find a direct link in the meantime, that would be helpful.

      Thanks again,

    • says

      Not yet, but they are in development. Sense and Goodness without God is recorded and in the publisher’s production pipeline. Not the Impossible Faith is contracted and we just have to find time to schedule the recording. Whether Proving History will join them depends on how expensive the audio rights are, and (I expect) whether the others do well.

    • Ray Staroof says

      I’m really looking forward to Sense and Goodness without God, the audiobook version. It seems like it would be quite an undertaking. About how many hours will the recording be?

    • jofeljoh says

      Thanks, looking forward to them. Tried to find Why I am not a Christian on iTunes, by the way. No luck. Is it possibly restricted to the US store? I live in the Netherlands.

  4. Chris says

    I just tried to find the book on audible, but it’s not there. The link in Richard’s post just redirects to a “Product Not Available” page. Is there a known date when the book will be available again on audible?

  5. chriskg says

    Dr. Carrier,

    Is there an update on the audiobook? It’s still not available on Amazon or iTunes.


    • says

      It’s back up everywhere.

      What happened is that the publisher wanted to trade out an audio segment for the credits (we had done an improved recording of them weeks ago, since there was some technical thing wrong with the first attempt), and apparently that trade-out required removing the old version until the new version was “rebuilt” or something. That’s terribly inefficient (they should have just kept selling the old version and done a straight swap when the new version was encoded and ready to go), but whatever. In any event, it won’t happen again.

      All’s well!

  6. dannicoy says

    I bought the book, I enjoyed. I want to buy more in future.

    Not wild about Audible though (and my work computer isn’t compatible with iTunes). I would prefer not to have to deal with encrypted files that there may or may not be a player for in the future or if I move to a different computer or playback device.

    I can work around audible for the time being but it takes quite a bit of time and effort.

    I can’t reccomend a audiobook specific place but here are a few places that I happily spend money at.