Recording Audio Books

Pitchstone has contracted to produce and publish audio versions of my books, and that means I will be in a professional studio recording them for the next two weeks. We’re doing about five hour days, and with prep and commuting and my usual domestic duties, it’s pretty much taking up my day. I mention this because it is making it difficult to keep up with comments moderation, email, and other business, so I want everyone to be aware that operations here will be slower than normal for a couple of weeks.

Why I Am Not a Christian is already in the can, but we’re working on Sense and Goodness without God now and you can imagine that is a much bigger challenge. At some time in the future we’ll also do Not the Impossible Faith. And if Pitchstone can get an affordable audio-edition license from Prometheus (may luck be with us), we’ll eventually do a version of Proving History, too (but that’s a big if, so don’t bank on it yet).

These titles will probably be available in various audio formats by the end of the year or early next year. Of course I will announce them on my blog as they become available.


  1. Meatros says

    That’s fantastic! I was just buying some audiobooks yesterday (voodoo history), grumbling about why none of your stuff was available.

  2. Dave Mack says

    Dr. Carrier, So glad to hear this. This is especially good news for those, like myself, in the vision-impaired and blind community. Although Amazon now provides a free Kindle app for Windows with accessible text-to-speech plug-in, it is always preferred to hear an author’s own voice or other human reader. I will cross my fingers regarding Prometheus granting some license, but will also be listening to the Kindle version of Proving History as soon as it is released. Thanks for your post. I am sure many joggers and commuters will enjoy the audio capabilities as well. :-)

  3. Stella says

    Thank you for putting the time and effort into recording your books.

    I have tried to read Not the Impossible Faith on my Kindle, but it’s difficult for me to get the sense of a book when it’s read by a machine voice.

    I will happily buy the audiobooks of Not the Impossible Faith and Proving History as they become available.

    It is hard for me to be a part of this community, because I cannot see well enough to read, and I cannot walk well enough to go anywhere. Having appropriate materials available as audiobooks goes a long way toward making me feel included.

    Thanks again for making your books available to me.


  4. otrame says

    Very cool. I look forward to them. I find that listening to audiobooks is the best way for me to “read” non-fiction books, especially history or philosophy.

  5. says

    Oh, how fun! I love when an author does their own audio.

    No pressure. Don’t talk too fast. Or too slow. Or mispronounce any words by mistake.

    Cautionary tale: Back when I was a youth pastor, I held an event where we recorded the middle school and high school students reading the Bible cover to cover in one sitting. Yes, I was probably the lamest youth pastor in the history of the world, but at least I could say my students had read the darn thing. There is nothing worse (read: better) than listening to a 6th grade girl high on Jolt Cola and Pixie Stix read about Paul’s ministry to the “genitals” at 2 am. Unless it’s watching 9th grade boys read Song of Solomon aloud in a room full of girls.

    Now get back to work. :-)

  6. says

    Have you considered doing a podcast? If you did something like that once a month and put in the itunes store for 99 cents I bet you’d get a lot people who’d be interested. You could do interviews, and just generally bring philosophy to a down to earth level, all the while showcasing your casual and humorous style of speaking to keep people’s attention.

  7. Dave Mack says

    I am happy to report that Proving History is now in my Kindle app and I am able to listen to it.

  8. bobwoodruff says

    I’m a big fan of audio books so I’m looking forward to seeing these published. Just read Greta Christina’s new one and she does a marvelous job of reading it.