Charity Legend Update

Last month I blogged about the huge drive to make history with atheist charity (This Is Atheist Charity). Well the ante has been upped. Time to get in the game. Right now. Here’s the urgent message from the home front:

To further incentivize people to join local teams there are Registration Week promotions going on. Registration Week goes from July 7th through the 14th. We won’t make our goal of raising $1,000,000 unless we get a lot more walkers; we need more people to join our teams! If everyone rallies together, we can do this.

An anonymous donor will give $1 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for every new walker registered during Registration Week [see This Is Atheist Charity for links and details on how to do that, or just go straight to the Foundation Beyond Belief’s page on it]. If we meet our goal of 5,000 new walkers, LLS will receive another $10,000, thanks to matching by the Stiefel family!

In addition, every person who is signed up for a team by July 14th will have their name put in for a drawing to win a Kindle Fire. This includes people who have already registered for a team prior to Registration Week.

There is also a promotion just for team captains! The team captain who gets the most number of new members signed up to their team during the Registration Week a $50 American Express gift card!

So…can you not walk? Are you not biped? Shall we not hear you roar?