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Sep 29 2012


Right right right, I’m an “Islamophobe,” and criticizing Islam is punching down because Muslims are a despised group. (The second part is true, but the first part doesn’t follow. Punching Muslims is punching down, but punching Islam isn’t, because Islam itself is what punches down. Islam has huge, illegitmate power in many many parts of …

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Sep 17 2012

ACLU v theocracy

The ACLU says no your religion does not mean that you get to harm people. It has to say that, because people who run Catholic schools want to harm people because religion. Emily Herx, a former Language Arts and Literature teacher at St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic School in Indiana, was fired after she …

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Aug 20 2012

If women have choices

What do you do when women attain not only equality but, in some areas, numerical superiority? Well if those areas are things like doing most of the domestic work, or low pay, or getting hassled in the street, you do nothing. But when those areas are desirable things like university education? You slam the door …

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Aug 19 2012

The cardinal snubs the government

BBC headline: Cardinal Keith O’Brien snubs gay marriage talks with Scottish government. Snubs? The cardinal snubs? Talks on same-sex marriage with the government? Is Scotland a theocracy? Why was the Scottish government inviting the cardinal to discuss legislation in the first place? Scotland’s Roman Catholic leader – Cardinal Keith O’Brien – has suspended direct communication …

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Apr 25 2012

They should follow it without any argument

It’s a small (comparatively) sect in India that insists on mutilating girls’ genitalia. The Bohra brand of Islam is followed by 1.2 million people worldwide and is a sect of Shia Islam that originated in Yemen. While the sect bars other Muslims from its mosques, it sees itself as more liberal, treating men and women …

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Apr 14 2012

Carey gets worse

The Telegraph is again sitting at George Carey’s knee, drinking in his wisdom and insight about the vicious persecution of Christians in the UK. Carey says worshippers are being “vilified” by the state, treated as “bigots” and sacked simply for expressing their beliefs. The attack is part of a direct appeal to the European Court of …

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Mar 30 2012

Leo in Geneva

Leo Igwe has an excellent article about religious laws versus human rights, which I think is a statement he made to the UN Human Rights Council a few days ago. Leo has very concrete, in your face, up close and personal experience of the relationship between religious “laws” and human rights, since he spends much of …

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Mar 25 2012


It’s about time. Sarah Posner reports that – at last! – a judge rules for the ACLU in a challenge to the stinking meddlesome theocratic US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Late yesterday a federal court in Massachusetts ruled [PDF] in favor of the American Civil Liberties Union in a challenge it brought against the Department …

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Mar 22 2012

The Observatory on Theocracy

Sigmund keeps an eye on the Iona Institute, and he alerted me to its report on a report by a Christian panic-group about “attacks on Christians.” The report on the report is indeed risible. Christians are the victims in 85pc of ‘hate crimes’ in Europe according to a new report published yesterday. The report, published …

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Feb 08 2012

Obama goes belly-up to angry bishops

The New York Times puts it a little differently. More politely. Too politely. Facing vocal opposition from religious leaders and an escalating political fight, the White House sought on Tuesday to ease mounting objections to a new administration rule that would require health insurance plans — including those offered by Catholic universities and charities — …

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