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Mar 27 2014

So what’s the problem?

Charlie Klendjian says more on why the Law Society’s guidance on how to draw up Sharia-compliant wills is such a crap idea. The Law Society has said its practice note has not changed the law. The LSS agrees with this. At no point has the LSS said that the law has changed. So what’s the …

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Mar 19 2014

Non-Muslims may not inherit at all

From the Lawyers’ Secular Society, a practice note issued by the Law Society. This practice note provides guidance to lawyers specialising in areas such as wills, succession and inheritance, and in particular how to accommodate the wishes of clients who want to ensure their assets are distributed according to ‘sharia law principles’ on their death. …

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Oct 16 2012

Welcome to Islamist Mali

The glories of life in Northern Mali now that the Islamists have taken over. Women and girls no longer have to suffer the indignity of having naked hair and necks, because they are all required to wear the hijab. Poor Toula for instance used to be able to swim in the Niger river, but happily …

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Oct 12 2012

Compiling a list

This is bad. Radical Islamists are compiling a list of unmarried mothers in northern Mali, raising fears of cruel punishments such as stoning, amputations and executions, a senior United Nations official said.

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Aug 06 2012

People must accept that we will impose Sharia whether they like it or not

The Islamists in Mali aren’t bothering about winning hearts and minds. Hundreds of people protested their plan to chop off someone’s hand and a radio journalist was beaten up for urging the protesters on. “We don’t want to know what this young man did, but they are not going to cut his hand off in …

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Apr 08 2012

Charge £400 for her, £200 for him

The wonderfulness of Sharia councils. After fleeing a forced marriage characterised by rape and physical violence, Nasrin applied for an Islamic divorce from a Sharia council; that was almost 10 years ago now. Despite countless emails, letters and telephone calls to the Sharia council as well as joint mediation and reconciliation meetings, the Sharia council …

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Apr 04 2012

Egypt, meet sharia

Oh hey gee what do you know, the Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t turned all that “moderate” after all. How about that: when they said they had they were just bullshitting people so that they could win elections and then drop the mask. What a surprise! CAIRO (Reuters) – The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for the Egyptian presidency, …

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Jan 17 2012

“If I hear that anything is said against the holy Prophet Muhammad”

Yesterday evening, One Law for All Co-Spokesperson Anne Marie Waters was to speak at a meeting on Sharia Law and Human Rights at the University of London. Maryam continues: It was cancelled by the atheist group organisers after police had to be called in due to Islamist threats. One Islamist filmed everyone at the meeting …

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Dec 10 2011

Tenets of Islam are not subject to change

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay went to the Maldives, and there she said some things. She said some things relevant to human rights. In an address delivered in parliament last Thursday, Pillay said the practice of flogging women found guilty of extra-marital sex “constitutes one of the most inhumane and degrading forms …

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Dec 02 2011

Oh yes, go right ahead

Memri reports a fatwa that says it’s fine for mujahideen to kidnap “the infidels’ women” and rape them, because once they’ve been kidnapped the infidel men don’t own them any more. The inquiry in response to which Al-Athari issued the fatwa reads as follows:[1] “Is it permissible for mujahideen in jihad fronts to kidnap the …

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