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Feb 26 2014

Gender segregation by Hasbro

They cannot be serious. Via the Facebook page Destroy the Joint: It’s Monopoly for Gurrulz. Of all the icons in the universe that could be produced for “girls only”, perhaps the last one you’d think of would be good old Monopoly. Sadly – it has. Monopoly “for girls” has been around for a while, but …

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Jan 03 2014

It’s all about the hits

Says a guy at pubshare, and he ought to know. He starts with a picture of a not-hot woman saying women are not for decoration, while hot women laugh at her. Geddit? Feminists ugly, hot women not feminists. Ugly women feminists because ugly, hot women not feminists because not ugly. Then he explains that provocation …

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Dec 06 2013

Maybe some day a Sally Potatohead

From last spring, an item about Disney and 1938. It shows a letter sent to a woman who had applied or asked about applying for a job as an animator at Disney Studios. The letter is signed by Mary Cleillegible. It says Disney doesn’t hire women as animators, for the cogent reason that Disney doesn’t hire …

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Dec 02 2013

Decades after we decided as a society

Even the Telegraph has a blog post about the heroic adventures in schooling women of Elan Gale. Look, joking aside, and God knows Elan is a risible clown who deserves all the pointing-and-laughing one can mete out, there’s something profoundly depressing about the fact that, decades after we decided as a society that using sexual …

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Nov 24 2013

The bus from hell

Meanwhile, also at UK universities, there’s laddish “banter”… This week, a video of the men’s hockey team at the University of Stirling appeared on YouTube, showing the male students on a packed bus, engaged in a shouted chant. The chant, filmed on a mobile phone, begins: “I used to work in Chicago, in a department …

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Nov 10 2013

If only

Now read PZ on the silences, the neglect, the moving on to more important matters. I would like to have read more about “Hearing from Women”, but not only could the writer not be troubled to include more of the women’s statements, but she didn’t even bother to link to any of the panelists. I …

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Nov 10 2013

Hearing from women, hearing from men

First, take a look at this: a write-up of a panel of women at the National Association of Science Writers meeting on November 2, talking about sexual harassment and women in science writing. Read it. After the preliminary summary we get Hearing from Women

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Nov 08 2013

This is just what happens to women online

Laura Bates takes a look at online sexism. (Cue a rumble of outraged outrage in response.) The internet is a fertile breeding ground for misogyny – you only have to look at the murky bottom waters of Reddit and 4Chan to see the true extent to which it allows violent attitudes towards women to proliferate. …

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Sep 27 2013

Such men are dangerous

More on David Gilmour. Gilmour seems to think enough of himself to believe that he’s somehow unique in his approach to teaching literature. The only female writer whose work he teaches is Virginia Woolf, and then only a single short story. So he’s proud of teaching a curriculum that’s limited to his own narrow viewpoint, …

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Sep 16 2013

Just being bros

What’s all this feminism nonsense? Didn’t we figure out a long time ago that that’s just politically correct bullshit? Janet Kornblum is there. So when I heard about this whole bro-haha this weekend over some presentations at TechCrunch that a bunch of people thought were sexist, I was like, why the heck does everyone have their panties in a …

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