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Jan 15 2012

Peter Palumbo

I saw this on Jessica Ahlquist’s twitter feed a few hours ago: State representative Palumbo called me an “evil little thing.” Just now I was about to google for details preparatory to doing a post, but JT Eberhard got there first. Peter G. Palumbo, the Democrat in the RI House from the Cranston district, has no rebukes …

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Jan 12 2012

You call that “Light”?

Just what Egypt needs – a mutawiyin like the one the lucky people in Saudi Arabia have. The radical Islamist Nour party, or “Party of the Light,” has captured more than a quarter of votes in the post-Mubarak Egyptian elections. Nour, which ran second to the Muslim Brotherhood in the polling, is a Wahhabi party, …

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Jan 11 2012

Jessica Ahlquist wins the case

The judge said yes that’s a religious prayer. A Daniel come to judgement. Also a guy who can read with his eyes open. Why yes, that does seem quite religious, doesn’t it. Also patriarchal. The prayer banner that hangs at Cranston West High School must be removed immediately said U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Lagueux …

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Jan 10 2012

When certain Muslims voiced their offense

The Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society at University College London is the object of attempted censorship by the university’s student union because the former used an image from Jesus and Mo on its Facebook page, and that, of course, is “offensive.”  Citing a “number of complaints” regarding both the depiction of Muhammad and the fact that …

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Dec 27 2011

Decent women don’t have “crisis pregnancies”

And if we haven’t had enough religious bullying today, here’s another batch. As ThinkProgress has reported, so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that claim to help women in need are actually established by anti-abortion activists with the sole objective of shaming women out of having abortions. Despite receiving federal and state funding, they have a history of …

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Dec 27 2011

Behold the whore

I couldn’t watch more than a couple of minutes of the video of Na’ama Margolese without getting too angry to keep watching. It’s so disgusting that grown men consider it their “religious duty” or some such fucking nonsense to bully and threaten a little girl, call her a slut, and spit on her. …she was …

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Dec 10 2011

Tenets of Islam are not subject to change

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay went to the Maldives, and there she said some things. She said some things relevant to human rights. In an address delivered in parliament last Thursday, Pillay said the practice of flogging women found guilty of extra-marital sex “constitutes one of the most inhumane and degrading forms …

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Dec 07 2011


More on Mansor Almaribe, sentenced to 500 lashes in Saudi Arabia for “insulting the companions of the prophet.” THE family of a Victorian man sentenced to 500 lashes in Saudi Arabia has made an emotional plea to bring him home, fearing he will die in jail. The Shepparton family of Mansor Almaribe, 45, who was …

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Nov 24 2011

Most attend their local madrassa

The BBC is so stupid sometimes – so conformist and reactionary and authoritarian. There’s this piece on UK madrassas “modernizing” for example. Most mosques have their own madrassa or religious school. Larger mosques can have a number of them, and they all form an integral part of the local community. In close knit neighbourhoods most …

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Nov 20 2011

Blot her out

It’s a hard job obliterating women from the landscape. People have been trying for centuries but it’s like weevils or mildew…there’s always a bit you miss and then before you know it – the big chomping jaws come through the wall and eat you. The Saudis are struggling with this problem now, and they’ve decided …

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