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Nov 09 2013

Robin expostulating

The video of the panel on “Is science the new religion?” at QED last April is now available, so you can see Robin Ince expostulating with Brendan O’Neill. I enjoy seeing Robin Ince expostulating with Brendan O’Neill. Tickets for QED 2014 are now on sale. Only £99!  

Mar 15 2012

Tidying up

A few last notes on QED. I was doing talk-prep at the start of the morning Saturday so I missed most of a talk on the European werewolf, but I did make it to excellent talks by Steve Jones and David Aaronovitch. (I never met either of them, alas. This event was a big success, so there …

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Mar 13 2012

Get me, I have a hand

I’m back. I had a sensational time. Here’s a photo I saw via Twitter of me telling everyone what’s what. Update: the photo is Adam Lappin’s; he has a whole post on the talk, along with posts on many other QED talks. (No one person can have posts on all of them because there were …

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Jan 17 2012


Well at least I know exactly what I’m going to talk about at QED. Oh yes. Suddenly as of today there was only one possible topic.

Nov 29 2011

Residual respect for an enduring institution

I did an interview with Geoff Whelan of QED which is now posted. One of the questions was Are you dismayed when those who you would think naturally would support a strong atheist position turn their criticism against those who directly challenge religion? Is there something about free thinkers that encourages dissent? Or are we talking …

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