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Jan 03 2013

Thunderfoot’s inflammatory video

Never enough time… And then spending an hour walking on the beach with the dog first thing in the morning eats into the day something fierce. And yet – it’s walking on the beach first thing in the morning! And I’ve only just realized that it’s actually the best beach for the purpose on the …

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Dec 23 2012

We are blighting the entire concept of social justice and equality

Holy shit. Al Stefanelli has really jumped the shark. He’s done a video to say how horrible the Bad FTBers are, and he doesn’t hold back. He starts with a bang: So what the hell is wrong with these people? Who? Well, PZ Myers, Ophelia Benson, Stefanie [sic] Zvan, Rebecca Watson, to a degree Jennifer …

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Oct 10 2012

Cover art

The Women in Secularism issue of Free Inquiry will be out in late November. Here is what it will look like on the front. Via Melody Hensley

May 21 2012

Here it comes

The pushback has started. Well you knew it would. Catherine Dunphy has an article on the Women in Secularism conference at RDF – an original, not a link. There are sneery how dare you comments from some usual suspects (like Geoffrey Falk, for instance, who has been shouting at me for years for glaring faults …

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Apr 26 2012

Just what the schools need

The Washington Post is slobbering all over an evangelist called Joel Osteen. He’s visiting Washington and thrilling the fans, we’re told. Well, maybe, but I am told he is also visiting a public elementary school today. Why? As my informant put it: Fewer than 20% of these students read at grade level.  Fewer than 13% …

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