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Mar 28 2014

Normal and extremist defined

Adam Deen of the “Deen Institute” (he’s the founder and executive director) (of the “institute” he bashfully named after himself) is ranting at and about Maryam Namazie on Twitter. He’s ok with ex-Muslims, you see (for the purposes of this discussion), but not with ex-Muslim extremists. What’s that? One observer suggested “the difference is between …

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Feb 15 2014

Their self-congratulatory image of brave “speakers of truth to power”

Nick Cohen points out the very important difference between saying you are not showing a cartoon character named Mo out of respect, and saying you are not showing a cartoon character named Mo because you are afraid to. When the BBC interviewed the artist behind Jesus and Mo, its editors told him privately they could not …

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Feb 02 2014

Why Chris and Abhishek wore the Jesus and Mo T shirts

The coverage of the controversy over Maajid Nawaz and Jesus & Mo has done a consistently bad job of getting right the part about how and why Chris Moos and Abhishek Phadnis wore their J & M T shirts on The Big Questions and why they unzipped their jackets to reveal them toward the end …

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Jan 30 2014

As we are sure you can appreciate

The National Secular Society shares the form letter it got in response to its open letter to Channel 4 about its wretched decision to paste a black egg over Mo when it reported on the childish fuss over Maajid Nawaz and Jesus & Mo. The letter, from Steve Reynolds of Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries, reads: …

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Jan 29 2014

The jargon of authenticity

Stephen Evans of the National Secular Society writes an excellent open letter to Channel 4 about the Black Egg censorship of the image of Mo, sending it via the Huffington Post UK. We were surprised and extremely disappointed to see that Channel 4 News took the decision to cover up the image of Mohammed when …

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Nov 24 2013

Designs by a wonderfully acid British cartoonist

Nick Cohen has a piece in the Observer on censorship at UK universities. He starts, as he should, with Chris and Abhishek. On the morning of 3 October, Chris Moos and Abhishek Phadnis put on joke T-shirts, of the kind students wear the world over, and went to man the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society …

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Oct 08 2013

The proud tradition of a free press

The Independent reported on the LSE Student Union’s interference with the LSE Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Student society yesterday, including quoting one of Dawkins’s tweets. It included one panel from the toon – an especially daring one.

May 11 2013

You think

Jesus and Mo get serious with the barmaid – too serious. Pass the crisps.

Apr 17 2013

In honor of the Bangladesh atheist bloggers

Mo draws the line. The barmaid had better start packing.

Jan 25 2012

If we want to live together peacefully

Jesus and Mo are watching current events. (Well they would be, wouldn’t they.) (That is one good thing about all this; Streisand effect; lots of new fans of J and M.)

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