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Apr 24 2012

So comrades come rally

I’m going to look some more at Nahed Eltantawy’s anger at Mona Eltahawy’s article about misogyny in the Middle East, because there’s something really sinister about it. I refuse to be lumped into this monolithic group of oppressed, abused and hated victims. Arab women’s problems are not the same across the board. Even within one …

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Jan 31 2012

An affront to principles of human rights

Al Jazeera reports on Baltasar Garzón defending his investigation of Franco-era crimes. “The amnesty law refers to crimes of a political nature, in no way can it be said that crimes against humanity of the kind that were alleged could have any political nature,” the 56-year-old judge said. “As such it was not even necessary …

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Dec 12 2011

He has all the right enemies

The FT (I’ll refrain from belaboring the irony, apart from saying I’m refraining) does a profile of Peter Tatchell. Tatchell’s campaigns for gay rights, racial equality, civil liberties and democracy have attracted death threats, bullets and bombs from an unsavoury mixture of homophobes, neo-Nazis and Islamic fundamentalists.

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Dec 08 2011

“A war with people of faith”

And then there are the Republican contestants battling each other to see who can be Most Evil. Starting point: the Secretary of State addressed delegates to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday and delivered what historians will one day look back upon as a monumental speech, in which she declared that the continuing …

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Sep 01 2011

My faith dispels any doubts

And by the way three cheers for female genital mutilation. …some communities see the practice as an integral part of their culture. “I have two daughters and five nieces, all circumcised by doctors. I do not consider it a human rights violation because, according to our religious teachings, it has been divinely ordained. My faith …

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