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Oct 13 2012


The outing of Reddit’s “Violentacrez” is all over the place. He’s one of Reddit’s most loathsome users (members? denizens? occupants? what’s the right word?), and Adrian Chen outed him on Gawker as one Michael Brutsch, who works at a Texas financial services company  as a programmer. Loathsome how? His speciality is distributing images of scantily-clad …

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Sep 22 2012

And so there was a lot of fear and terrible desperation

One of the things religion does is create artificial misery. One of the ways religion does this is by making people feel agonizing terror about eternal torture for themselves or people they love or both, or by making them feel agonizing despair and grief at angering or alienating God. This is especially vile when the …

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Aug 27 2012

She wept and begged to be released

Spare a thought for that little girl in Pakistan who is in jail for “blasphemy” because she (supposedly, allegedly, some asshole saidly) had some pages of the Koran in a bag of trash, or put some pages of the Koran in a fire along with other trash, or some such stupid meaningless unreasonable bit of …

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Jul 10 2012

Here’s something for skeptics to debate

What’s wrong with torturing animals for fun? Why not, after all? Nothing should be off the table when skeptics get together for a chin-wag, right? So recreational animal torture should be on the table. It shouldn’t be a given that that’s not ok, just the way “treat people as equals” shouldn’t be a given, because …

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Dec 12 2011

Kill the witch!

Religion as compassion in Saudi Arabia. A Saudi woman has been executed for practising “witchcraft and sorcery”, the country’s interior ministry says. A statement published by the state news agency said Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser was beheaded on Monday in the northern province of Jawf. She wasn’t stoned to death. That’s the …

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Dec 07 2011

Words can’t express

Imagine going to Saudi Arabia for the hajj, all the way from Australia, and finding yourself sentenced to a year in jail and… 500 lashes. To the best of my knowledge, 500 lashes is a death sentence. One hundred risks being a death sentence; five hundred just plain is one.

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Dec 06 2011

Another turn of the screw

The brains of children raised in violent families resemble the brains of soldiers exposed to combat, according to an article in Wired. They’re primed to perceive threat and anticipate pain, adaptations that may be helpful in abusive environments but produce long-term problems with stress and anxiety. “For them to detect early cues that might signal …

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Dec 02 2011

The milk of human kindness

And then there’s Gulnare Freewill Baptist church, which told a parishioner - ever so politely, you understand – that her fiancé couldn’t come to the church again, on account of how he’s not a white person. Perfectly understandable. It’s because they (church members who voted on “the issue”) want to promote greater unity among the church body …

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Nov 16 2011

They’re not here to play

Frank Schaeffer fills us in on the world of evangelical child discipline for the glory of god, otherwise known as child abuse. There’s the Texas judge, there are Michael and Debi Pearl, there’s James Dobson, and there’s Bill Gothard. And it is not just individuals who are abused. Whole “Christian” organizations are involved. According to …

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Oct 07 2011

An inspiration

Via Libby Anne – Couple pleads not guilty in homicide of adopted daughter

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