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Nov 04 2013

Atheist Ireland at the Constitutional Convention

Michael Nugent provides video and transcripts of three speeches Saturday at the Constitutional Convention meeting about blasphemy law. A bit from Michael’s: You have rights, your beliefs do not. That is the essence of freedom of conscience. You can respect my right to believe that there is no God, while not respecting the content of my …

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Nov 04 2013

Loosen the screws, the better to tighten them

Hmm, it’s good to get rid of a blasphemy law, but it’s not good to replace it with “a new general provision to include incitement to religious hatred” – meaning, apparently, to include something that forbids so-called incitement to religious hatred. Unfortunately that’s just what Ireland’s constitutional convention has recommended, according to the Irish Times. …

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Mar 14 2013

I can apostasize if I want to, and so can you

Sign up to Maryam’s call for action to defend apostates and blasphemers, if you haven’t already. More than two hundred individuals and organisations have already signed up to the call for action to defend apostates and blasphemers. Individuals include Iranian Campaigner Mina Ahadi, Lebanese writer and actress Darina al Joundi, Algerian author Djemila Benhabib, Scientist …

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Jan 18 2013

It’s blasphemy to blaspheme against blasphemy laws

Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, Sherry Rehman, has been accused of “blasphemy” for criticizing Pakistan’s blasphemy laws in a tv interview two years ago. There are a lot of people who take criticism to be blasphemy, aren’t there… Rehman has been a critic of the controversial laws, which have been widely condemned by rights organization …

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Dec 13 2012

Insulting prophets

Alber Saber has been sentenced to three years in prison for “blasphemy.” Alber Saber was arrested in September after neighbours accused him of posting links to a film mocking Islam that led to protests across the Muslim world. Neighbors accused him of posting links to something, and for that he gets three years in prison. …

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Oct 15 2012

Apples but not bananas? What about pineapples?

Hahahaha this is great – did you know the Apple logo is blasphemous? Yes well once you’re told of course you can see it. Apple; bite missing. But would you have thought of it if you hadn’t been told? Aha!!1! I thought not. You’re probably blasphemous yourself. In this case it’s a sect of ultra-Orthodox …

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Oct 01 2012

Protect all the sentiments

What goes around comes around department. Pakistan’s blasphemy laws may be used to punish Muslims suspected of ransacking a Hindu temple, an intriguing twist for a country where harsh laws governing religious insults are primarily used against supposed offenses to Islam, not minority faiths.

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Sep 30 2012

Couldn’t the UN just put a stop to it?

Katha Pollitt on blasphemy. She starts with a public radio chat in which John Hockenberry said to BBC chief Jeremy Bowen: Hockenberry: I’m wondering if it’s possible for the United Nations to create an initiative that would talk about some sort of global convention on blasphemy, that would create a cooperative enterprise to control these kinds of …

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Sep 28 2012

Golden Dawn v Elder Pastitsios

More on “Elder Pastitsios” and blasphemy laws in Greece. The links are to sites in Greek. Four days before the arrest on September 17, MP Christos Pappas from the neo-nazi Golden Dawn party had brought the page to the attention of the justice minister and submitted an official inquiry into why the Facebook page was not being …

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Aug 27 2012

She wept and begged to be released

Spare a thought for that little girl in Pakistan who is in jail for “blasphemy” because she (supposedly, allegedly, some asshole saidly) had some pages of the Koran in a bag of trash, or put some pages of the Koran in a fire along with other trash, or some such stupid meaningless unreasonable bit of …

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