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Aug 27 2012

No joy

Life should be dull and empty and joyless, because god. No music, no dance, no play, no laughter, no frivolity, no flirting, no getting jiggy. No faces, no conversation, no friendship, no mingling, no color. No joy – because that’s the devil’s work. AFP reports: Taliban insurgents beheaded 17 civilians, including two women, who were …

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Aug 26 2012

She was scolded and told she was next

No freedom for you. No work for you. No acting career for you. No safety for you. No right to decide how to live your life for you. Only death threats for you, if you have the nerve to be an actress in Afghanistan. Afghan female artist and actress Sahar Parniyan has shifted her home from …

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Jan 15 2012

The crime of Moska

So that’s how it’s possible to treat rape victims as perps. Just 21, Gulnaz had been released that week from prison, where she had given birth to her daughter Moska. Gulnaz seemed younger than her years, but she held my gaze almost defiantly as she told her story. She had been imprisoned in a Kabul …

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Nov 10 2011

After she was raped, she was charged with adultery

The EU commissioned a documentary film on women in Afghanistan who get shoved into prison for doing outrageous things like leaving abusive “husbands” they never wanted to marry in the first place. The documentary was duly made, at which point the EU got cold feet and said on second thought let’s put this documentary in …

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