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May 20 2014

This is not that


Dear oh dear – if you’re going to disagree, disagree with the actual claim, not a different one. That applies to sub-claims as well as the chief claim. Someone called Rand Paul Fanbase (not a promising start, I know) on Twitter:

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Apr 29 2014

A police officer, not a doctor, by her bed

In El Salvador, a nightmare I can’t even read about without quaking with fury. Cristina Quintanilla was 18 years old in October 2004 when, seven months pregnant with her second child, she collapsed in pain on the floor of her family home. “I felt like I was choking, like I couldn’t breathe,” she says, shaking …

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Apr 19 2014

What would the neighbors say?

One from the Center for Reproductive Rights: A Dallas hospital has chosen to discriminate against two good doctors rather than protect women’s health. Two weeks ago, the hospital revoked the doctors’ admitting privileges, specifically because—and they said as much—they provide abortion services.

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Mar 30 2014

She did not have enough money to travel north

So let’s check in with the ACLU on the subject of religious interference with access to birth control. There’s Texas for instance… Yesterday a federal appeals court upheld a Texas law that has left large parts of the state without an abortion provider. Women who already are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table …

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Mar 19 2014

Nowhere to hide

Catherine Briggs of LifeSiteNews (yes, the anti-abortion site) seems to have missed the point of a certain fundraising campaign by a wide margin. In the world of social media, instant news has become a way of life.  Thanks to Twitter and the diffusion of information at less than a moment’s speed, the DC Abortion Fund’s latest outrage …

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Mar 14 2014

Actual people with personalities, characters, wishes

A striking thing that Gilliel said in a comment on Greta’s post Having a Reasonable Debate About Abortion yesterday: And here’s another thing that’s been driving my blood pressure up and I will bold the beginning so that people READ THIS: I have been pregnant three times which resulted in two kids. My first pregnancy turned Wahoonie-shaped …

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Mar 12 2014

A chance to air their nostalgia

Emily Bazelon at Slate takes a look at some of the more…eccentric far-right arguments in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood briefs against the Obamacare rule that employers must provide contraception coverage as part of their health care plans. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood, the companies whose suits the Supreme Court will hear later this month, …

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Mar 11 2014

A woman’s request for abortion cannot be treated as a lottery

In better news, however – on March 7 the Council of Europe’s Committee of Social Rights ruled that conscientious objection cannot stand in the way of women receiving the reproductive healthcare services guaranteed by Italian law. The milestone decision on conscientious objection and abortion delivered by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Social Rights is welcomed by …

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Mar 11 2014

Abandoned by all medical staff

Why is it a problem when medical personnel are allowed to refuse to perform abortions because of their “sincere religious beliefs”? Well one reason – though only one – is cases like one that happened in Rome in October 2010. Valentina Magnanti was forced to abort her dead foetus in a toilet in Rome’s Sandro …

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Feb 01 2014

Fighting for something we thought we had won

Thousands of people got together in Madrid today to voice their opposition to government plans to take away abortion rights. Under pressure from the Catholic Church, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s conservative government announced on December 20 it would roll back a 2010 law that allows women to opt freely for abortion in the first 14 …

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