Up for debate

It’s a hashtag – #UpForDebate. A few random samples –

Maybe #atheists aren’t fit parents. We should remove their children. #UpForDebate#atheistdudebros

#UpForDebate You knew there was a chance that you would get carjacked. Now just relax and enjoy the ride.

#UpforDebate The healthcare you receive should be dependent on what you’re wearing at the time of injury.

Men work dangerous jobs, which means more injuries & greater cost to employers. They should be paid less to compensate. #UpForDebate

I think if I heard some solid evidence on the positives of dog fighting I could be convinced. #UpForDebate

I can think of a few.

What was so bad about the Vietnam war anyway? Why did we ever leave? #UpForDebate

Was the ruling in the Dred Scott case really all that wrong? #UpForDebate

The Fourteenth Amendment – a big mistake? #UpForDebate

The women who worked at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company were lucky to have those jobs. #UpForDebate

Unions should be illegal. #UpForDebate

Anybody who is in solitary confinement obviously deserves to be there. #UpForDebate

We don’t have ENOUGH of the population in prison. #UpForDebate


  1. Wylann says

    Alternately, you could make #interestingcomments (see Almost Diamonds….) with the same effect. I like it.

    I think we should focus more on the mens’ ‘issues’ though, to really drive the point home.

  2. says

    Hmm but to me there’s more than one point. There’s the point that moral progress is a thing, and pretending that all of it is and should be Up For Debate is both ridiculous and disgusting. There’s so much that NOBODY thinks should be up for debate, yet somehow a woman’s right to bodily autonomy isn’t one of them.

  3. Chris J says

    There’s so much that NOBODY thinks should be up for debate, yet somehow a woman’s right to bodily autonomy isn’t one of them.

    The sad fact is that, even though it shouldn’t be up for debate, you can’t deny that a debate is happening. And it isn’t even really a debate where 95% of the pertinent people are on one side, while the other side is trying to pretend there’s a debate going on to grant themselves legitimacy.

    But yeah, debate is a process and not a goal. Nothing “should” be up for debate, really, except as a stepping stone towards “resolved” (either by settling on one answer, on multiple, or just by admitting there isn’t “an answer”).

  4. qwints says

    It’s disturbing that some of these topics are up for debate. I’ve heard close versions of the last 3 from “serious” people.


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