Nov 06 2013

High five ILLINOIS!

Feeling festive.

Photo: BREAKING: The Illinois legislature has passed a marriage equality bill. Now Governor Quinn just has to sign it to make Illinois the 15th state to fully recognize marriage equality. This is a huge victory for secular government and equal rights for everyone!</p><br />
<p>#15down35togo</p><br />
<p>Here's the reddit link:<br /><br />


  1. 1
    Kevin Henderson

    This stuff gives me pride and honor and hope. May the rainbow flag be flown over every state.

  2. 2

    Congrats so far. All that’s necessary is Governor Quinn’s signature.

    Does anyone wish to speculate on which states might be next?

    To go much further than Hawaii and Pennsylvania, one would need to repeal some state constitutional amendments forbidding same-sex marriage.

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