Oct 20 2013

Archiocese v Girl cooties

Oh no, a girrrrrrrul wants to play a sport that’s supposed to be only for guys! This must be stopped, at least according to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

My name is Amanda. I’m a 16 year old Catholic school junior at Archbishop Ryan High School in Philadelphia. I love martial arts including wrestling, jiu jitsu, and muay thai. I want an equal opportunity to wrestle in school, but the Archdiocese of Philadelphia says no. I’m being discriminated against just because I’m a girl.

This November will be the inaugural season for our school’s wrestling team. Everyone’s excited, and I want to be part of it because I love the sport and hope to get a college scholarship for wrestling. I train twice a day most days of the week and am involved in anti-bullying programs to help empower people. It’s not fair that being a girl denies me the opportunity to compete at school despite having years of experience in mixed-martial arts.

No it’s not. The link is to a petition. You can sign it.


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    Typo alert, btw: missing ‘d’ in archdiocese in the post title.

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    Pieter B, FCD

    Signed and shared. As a former wrestler, I’ll go to the mat for her right to compete.

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    Male wrestlers forfeited against women wrestlers in Iowa and Michigan (my nephew wrestles in MI and I thought my sis said it was the State champion that refused to wrestler against her in the round robin but I could not find a link).

    Then, there is this excellent spot of sportsmanship /snark for both schools for her school actually had her sit out in two regular season games.


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    Long-term solution: do not enrol in Catholic schools… Chosse a secular alternative.

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