Elton John’s stage outfits

Russia has unanimously passed a law against “gay propaganda” (as the Independent translates it).

The Indy reported yesterday, before the law passed:

A number of regions have already adopted a similar law, and now MPs from President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party want to implement a nationwide ban on “gay propaganda”.

The law defines the rather nebulous concept as “spreading information aimed at forming non-traditional sexual behaviour among children, suggesting this behaviour is attractive, and making a false statement about the socially equal nature of traditional and non-traditional relationships”.

Fines for breaking the law will be up to £100 for individuals, £1,000 for officials, and £20,000 for organisations. Already there have been doubts about how to define propaganda, with a group of Communists in southern Russia complaining that Elton John’s stage outfits should be considered “homosexual propaganda”.

That’s right. Make sure everyone continues to be taught that it’s dirty and disgusting and wrong, so that no one will be able to step far back enough to realize that it’s just an arbitrary taboo that messes up people’s lives. Let’s make a conscious decision to hang on to pointless prejudices, and punish all attempts to undo them. Amen.