Mar 01 2013

Muppets are always boys

As I mentioned, I’m not familiar with Statler and Waldorf. So here, via a Facebook friend, is a selection.


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    Well, to be fair… Janice, Miss Piggy of course, and Camilla were all, well, if not necessarily ‘girls’ then at least ‘coded as female’ and I’m pretty sure were all in the “original” Muppet Show. Lots more showed up in Sesame Street, especially as the seasons went on. But yeah, they were grossly outnumbered and more often reduced to stereotypes or bit parts than their ‘coded as male’ counterparts :(

    One of my S&W faves, just flat-out dissing Charles Dickens (in The Muppet Christmas Carol):
    “‘More gravy than of grave’?!?” “What a terrible pun! Where do you get those jokes?”

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    Leave comedy to the bears, Ebenezer!

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    And now, thanks to the internet, everyone can be Statler and Waldorf!

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    Many thanks for this link. I watched Waldorf & Statler, then the swedish chef, miss Piggy and ended up laughing out loud watching Victor Borge videos for 90 minutes…….

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