Mar 04 2013

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

Tarek Fatah has written to Mark Zuckerberg.

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I wonder if Zuckerberg will reply. I wonder what he can possibly say.


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  1. 1

    But remember, images of breastfeeding are just beyond the pale.

  2. 2
    Kausik Datta

    It would be the standard boilerplate excuse about algorithms and machine-reading, I guess, if Zuckerberg or any of his lackeys even write back. Remember our recent experience with that other graphic, Ophelia?

  3. 3
    Ophelia Benson

    I do, Kausik, and I replied to Fatah’s tweet to tell him about it.

  4. 4

    Automated process, gotta love them. It was the same excuse a t-shirt company made when they advertised “Keep calm and keep raping” tees.

    I wonder if justified criticism of Israel is also considered anti-Semetic too.

  5. 5
    Anthony K

    I wonder what he can possibly say.


    Both sides do it?

  6. 6
    Taslima Nasreen

    My facebook account Taslima Nasreen was also vanished by facebook authority because of two penis pictures of my FTB blog on circumcision. I requested them to give me back my account, they didn’t. I sent a complaint against hundreds of fake accounts that were created in my name, but facebook authority did not take any action against those accounts. Rather I have been threatened by facebook authority for having a fake Taslima Nasreen/Nasrin account.

  7. 7
    Ophelia Benson

    Ugh, that’s outrageous, Taslima.

  8. 8
    EllenBeth Wachs

    My facebook account got suspended for posting a screenshot of the youtube impersonation account my stalker created. He apparently flagged it as harassment. Irony?

  9. 9
    Matt Penfold

    So according to FB a picture of a penis is wrong, but providing instructions of how to commit murder by stoning someone to death is OK ?

    Why are these people not helping the police with their enquiries on suspension of aiding and abetting a criminal ?

  10. 10

    Egad, Facebook is so gross sometimes. Makes me want to stop using it. But it’s so bloody useful!


  11. 11
    Jafafa Hots

    It’s unlikely there will be a response at all.
    Facebook does not respond to people asking why they were terminated. Unless they get a lawyer.

    I was booted because I use this name.

    I was able to sign up again a year later, but I quickly realized they’d done me a favor and quit FB anyway.

  12. 12

    @Alverant: “I wonder if justified criticism of Israel is also considered anti-Semetic too”

    There can be no justified criticism of Israel therefore all criticism of Israel is antisemitic. Don’t believe me? Just try it on some pro-Israel blog or even just a conservative one…..

  13. 13

    His account seems to be working at the moment.

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