Righteous and unrighteous

A very wise guy said on Twitter a few hours ago -

The desire to carve up the world into people-like-us (righteous) and people-like-them (unrighteous) is utterly pervasive. Nobody escapes it.

Yes. (Or almost yes. I wonder if it holds for psychopaths? They simply don’t care about righteous/unrighteous, so they wouldn’t carve up the world that way, would they? For them it’s just Self and everything else.) Yes, but – that desire isn’t always salient. It’s far from always salient. It depends.

It’s a bit like that shift I mentioned the other day, about walking the Pebble Beach golf course – from a distance I think of everyone as caricature Plutocrats, because after all – it’s Pebble Beach. It costs $500 to play a round on that course. But then someone stops to greet Cooper and talks about his Chocolate at home, and poof goes the caricature Plutocrat. Life is like that. We have little shifts like that all the time. If that guy had stopped to tell me what he thought of Obama, the “people-like-us (righteous) and people-like-them (unrighteous)” carvation would have come into play. If he’d stopped to ask me if I’d found Jesus, it would have come into play more sharply. If he’d stopped to tell me I’m a fucking feminist cunt, it would have come into play more sharply still.

The very wise guy who made the Twitter observation is a dedicated FTB hater, and the very wise tweet came immediately after one citing Richard Carrier, so that was pretty clearly another “you FTBullies are just as horrible as everyone else” snipe. Well it’s not quite that simple.