1. strange gods before me ॐ says

    Do tell us how Islamophobic the Syrian Atheists are. I can’t wait.

    Ahem. Do tell us who’s been calling you Islamophobic?

  2. stewart says

    Pure serendipity, but I did realise that it intersected rather well with the earlier comment thread.

  3. consciousness razor says

    Do tell us how Islamophobic the Syrian Atheists are. I can’t wait.

    To whom is this addressed?

    What difference would any answer make to you? Is it impossible? If Syrian Atheists aren’t at all Islamophobic, does that mean others aren’t? Is there no such thing? Is that really the question?

  4. yaqub says

    i think this is a cox & forkum cartoon. they are fantastic counterjihad images. unfortunate for those of us liberal leftists mugged by reality that the right has been so much more principled and determined in criticising and pushing back against la peste verte . i disagree with most right-wing conservative dogma, but on several issues, this foremost, there’s no contest between the former and spineless, lily-livered, treasonous quislings like george galloway, ken livingstone, ilmar reepalu, baroness ashton and one could go on…

  5. strange gods before me ॐ says

    Anonymous Atheist,

    #4 ‘strange gods before me’: Probably referring to

    Yeah, I suspected this was a continuation of that theme. That’s why I asked.

    Because I happen to know that

    I’m getting called Islamophobic […] on the chat threads at Pharyngula, The Lounge and Thunderdome.

    is absolutely a false claim. You’ll notice no link was given to this alleged namecalling. It’s just not happening.

    And I’d be surprised if it were true that

    I’m getting called Islamophobic a good bit these days. I’m getting called it here

    but hey, I’m waiting to be surprised.

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