1. Boomer says

    Regarding this whole saga, have any Christians complained about the cartoons?

    Ifind no evidence that even one has.

    Irshad Manjii, reformist lesbian Muslim was featured on local talk radio yesterday. She was plugging her new book.

    She fielded questions from listeners.

    Time and time again someone would call in to say that islamic fundamentalism wasnt the probleme, but rather ALL religious fundamentalisms. The callers would then go into a rant about Chrisitanity or the sins of The Church.

    Time and time again Manjii had to interrupt them in order to point out that Christianity no longer kills people for the ‘crime’ of being homosexual, and that the Catholic church didn’t issue death fatwas for dissenters or apostates.

    Time and time again…

    There is another Muslim reformer (secular atheist) here in Montréal. She’s a warm, wonderful, passionate and compassionate young women from North Africa named Djemila Benhabib.

    Her problem is similar to Manjii’s. Everytime she attempts to point out crucial distictions between Christianity and Islam or the important differences between domestic violence and (mostly) muslim honour killings, all the good white liberals pile on her and accuse her of bigotry and racism.

    They HATE her the same way they hate Hirsi Ali because she forces them to reassess all of their long-held assumptions, and in doing so renders them extremely uncomfortable.

    But she won’t be silenced.

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