Who me?

Rock Beyond Belief is going on right now. Toooot!

Dan Fincke has a post saying that, and that Ed Brayton is the MC, and that he had a good time hanging out with Ed at the Reason Rally, and that Jessica Ahlquist rocked the Reason Rally, and that you can buy evil little thing T shirts which go into her scholarship fund…

…and that the evil little thing T shirts were my idea. Whoa, what?!

Oh yes, so they were. I’d actually forgotten that!

That’s too bad, because it means I didn’t think to introduce myself to Jessica that way in Orlando. “Hi, I’m the one who had the evil little thing T shirts idea.” If I remember correctly I just did the bumbling fan thing, instead.


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    You may have had the idea, but it was Jessica’s state legislator, Peter Palumbo (D-Cranston), who actually accused her of being an “evil little thing.”

  2. Deepak Shetty says

    “Hi, I’m the one who had the evil little thing T shirts idea.”
    Well that is another idea for a t-shirt you can wear

  3. says

    I saw that and updated your entry at the Pharyngula Wiki to reflect it. It makes me wonder what other neat little things have popped up here first (as “Gnu Atheism” did, also).

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