1. Sili says


    I’m too broke for even then short jump across the Channel. (And I’m cat-sitting.)

  2. boggle says

    Fascinating. Really, Ophelia, could you make every post as bland and uninformative as this one? Thanks.

  3. keithwhiteley says

    “The word “our” was unnecessary”

    It’s OK, it’s a North of England thing, as in “Our Mam”, or “Our (insert name here)”.

  4. David says

    I hope ar/ower/our Ophelia is ok, and not taken with a touch of Stendhal syndrome, as is likely amongst visitors to Manchester

  5. says

    Ya I totally understood the “our” as Northern. I really liked being immersed in Mancunian and Lancs and related accents for four days – I liked being in a place where the default accent is Northern.

    I didn’t so much like all the football shouting. There was a match the day I arrived. Urk.

    (I’m back.)

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