Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 05 2012

Northwestern Sex Week and Conservative Hypocrisy

Northwestern’s annual Sex Week is coming up next week. Sex Week is basically exactly what it sounds like. I quote their website: “our mission is simple: we want people to start talking. Sex Week is meant to provide students with fun, provocative, and informative opportunities to explore the role of sex and sexuality in our lives. There …

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Apr 03 2012

I Hope They Serve Beer in the Abortion Clinic: Tucker Max vs. Planned Parenthood

I feel bad for Planned Parenthood. Not only have they been facing attacks from conservative politicians and cancer charities, defunding threats, and–I kid you not–firebombs, but now they have to deal with the odious filth that is Tucker Max and his publicity machine. First, an aside–I’m not going to waste space here discussing who Tucker …

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Apr 01 2012

The "Right" Way to Be Depressed

CNN did a great thing today. They published a first-person account by one of their editors, Stephanie Gallman, about her experience of being diagnosed with depression, and of telling her friends and family about it. Initially when I saw this article, I was overjoyed. It’s good to see mainstream media outlets publishing articles about depression …

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