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Sep 26 2011

The perception of female graduate students

Guy in bar: So, what brought you to Seattle? Me: I just started grad school Guy: What are you studying? Me: Genetics Guy: Oh, I would have thought it would be more shallow-like Me: … *eyes bug out* While I think the details are irrelevant, I feel compelled to add that I wasn’t wearing anything …

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Jul 23 2011

A new religious type of RNA discovered?

The backstory, from reader Arctic Ape, a Finnish graduate student: Adjacent pic is from a whiteboard in a student clubroom at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry (or, as we call it, “Wood & Weed Science”). Someone had drawn a crude chart of plant floral induction pathway and another(?) person had made …

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Jun 09 2011

I’m alive!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Tuesday was my big end of the quarter research presentation, which means Tuesday night was my post-presentation celebration, and Wednesday was my recovery from my post-presentation celebration. And right now I’m sitting in the Seattle airport, attempting to go back home to Indiana for a week. I say …

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Apr 25 2011

Let’s hope this is a non-issue…

But I’m wary. Every time I say that about someone’s personal religious beliefs, they end up becoming an issue. The newest potential cause for drama? The University of Washington (where I go to school) finally decided on it’s new President – Michael K. Young. The thing that set off red flags? He’s a graduate of …

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Feb 28 2011

Initiate Panic Mode

It’s that time of the quarter again, so don’t expect a lot of updates from me this week. This morning I got the lovely surprise that my end of the quarter departmental research presentation was being moved from Tuesday March 15th to Friday March 11th, eliminating four days of preparation that I would have really …

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Jan 13 2011

More quotes from the lab

There’s another first year graduate student rotating in the same lab that I’m rotating in, though he’s working on a different project from me. How do our projects differ, you ask? 1st Year: *talking to another labmate about something completely off topic*Post doc: Hey, that’s five minutes you just wasted that could have gone toward …

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Jan 06 2011

Grad school is hard

Obvious statement of the day, I know. But grad school is also pretty cool. The new quarter has started, and here are my classes: Advanced Genetic Analysis (first half) – basically how to set up experiments using a bazillion different genetic tricks in order to investigate, well, anything. You know how cool it was solving …

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Dec 09 2010

You know it's the end of the semester when…

…the only time you’re not in the lab is when you’re at home sleeping. …and you seriously considered just sleeping at work to be more efficient, but didn’t want to smell the next day. …so you leave the lab at 1am after being at work for 17 hours only because you have to catch the …

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Dec 04 2010

Grad School Spirit

From PhD comics:Uh… 1. I know we’re the Huskies, but I have no idea what our specific mascot is called. I see a lot of undergrads wearing sweaters that say “Dawgs” on them, is that related? Wikipedia informs me our mascot is Harry the Husky. Um, okay. Purdue Pete is way cooler.2. Purple and gold, …

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Dec 03 2010

End of semester madness!

What am I up to? I’m writing a “fake” research proposal for one of my classes on doing a genome wide association study and exome sequencing to search for genetic components of homosexuality. I say “fake” because it’s a project for a class, not something I’m actually submitting to the NIH or NSF. Well, I …

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