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Apr 19 2010

In the name of science, I offer my boobs

This little bit of supernatural thinking has been floating around the blogosphere today: “Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes,” Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as saying by Iranian media. Sedighi is Tehran’s acting Friday prayer leader. I …

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Apr 12 2010

Is it summer yet?

All I’ve been able to do lately is fantasize about the summer. I have three more weeks of class, then a week of final exams. The weather has officially turned beautiful, and there are lovely flowers everywhere. I won’t be taking classes or doing research, and I have an extra month of summer since UW …

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Mar 30 2010

Wooo, atheism!

A couple of days ago I was walking with a friend to dinner. As I was crossing a busy intersection, a guy pops his head out of the passenger seat of his truck and happily screams “Woooo, atheism!” at me. I waved back, but didn’t get a good look at who it was since I …

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Jan 10 2010

My first atheist wedding art commission!

My friends Julie and Don are getting married this summer, and instead of including a dorky photograph with their wedding invitation, they asked me to draw a cartoon of them! (Click image for higher quality)If you can’t tell, all of my friends are a bit nerdy. Julie is working towards vet school and takes care …

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Jan 04 2010

PZ Myers dominates the Other category for Most Influential Female Atheist

I don’t know if I’ll ever “officially close” the Most Influential Female Atheist of 2009 poll, but this much is clear: PZ Myers is clearly dominating the “Other” category (though he’s still near the bottom overall). Or should I say, Ms. Paula Z. Myers. What I find most amusing is that he specifically asked Pharyngulites …

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Jan 03 2010

Chicago atheist meetup was a blast

Just wanted to say thanks to all the cool people who came to the Chicagoland atheist meetup last night! We had 18 people total, and it was great talking to everyone. Complete this joke: 18 atheist walk into a pub… I think it’s a proven fact that dinner conversations with atheists are always more interesting. …

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Dec 26 2009

Chicago Atheist Meetup!

Are you in the Chicagoland area? Do you want to have an awesome time eating, drinking*, and being merry with some pretty cool freethinkers? Look no further: Date: Saturday, January 2Time: 7:00 PMWhere: Palos Hills Village Club9750 S Roberts RdPalos Hills, IL 60465-1470http://www.palosvillagepub.com/Featuring: Hemant of Friendly Atheist, GodlessGirl, and Jen of Blag Hag! What do …

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Nov 25 2009

Some delicious evolutionary facts for Thanksgiving

There’s a cool post over at the Axis of Evo highlighting some fun, Thanksgiving-themed evolution facts. Here’s one of my favorites (had to pick the one that talked about sex, of course): 2. That turkey on the table, unless you got one of those expensive, frou frou free range ones, will probably be a Double …

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Nov 18 2009

Quick skeptical update

If you haven’t yet deduced from my manic tweets, I’m busy. Really friggin‘ busy. But the best thing to do when you’re busy is to procrastinate, so here’s a super quick blog update for you guys. 1. Ray Comfort is a douchenozzle. To secretly move the release of his sullied version of the Origin up …

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Nov 03 2009

Skepchicamp Speakers!

What the heck is Skepchicamp? I’ll leave that to my friend Don: My name is Don Riefler, and I’m the speaker coordinator for Skechicamp Chicago 2010, a grassroots skeptical conference organized on the Skepticamp model. That basically means it’s run from the ground up, and all of our speakers are people who simply want to …

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