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Jun 16 2012

Microbiology haikus

Commenter VeritasKnight requested a post full of haikus; Joe McKen asked for them to be microbiology themed. Peptidoglycan damn you, I am positive You blue my cover It was chilling there Before genomes went mainstream The retrovirus S. cerevisiae The brewer, not the screwer Fuck C. albicans Ten percent human The rest, essential strangers Am I …

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Jun 16 2012


In my dermatillomania post, a commenter linked to this art installation that I just had to share: In 2003 a building housing the Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC) was slated for demolition to make way for updated facilities. The closure was a time for reflection and remembrance as the MMHC had been in operation for …

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Jun 08 2012

#SSAweek doodles!


Keep refreshing to see the new ones. Info about requesting a doodle is here. Request: “Holland Lop Rabbit” Dear readers:I’d be perfectly happy if all of your requests are adorable animals. Request: “Owl, dancing” I hope disco is okay. Request: “8 kitties playing and ‘kitty mommy’ somewhere in the doodle. a gift for my wife …

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Jun 08 2012

Donate to #SSAweek and get a personal doodle from me!

EDIT: I’m closing submissions now so I can catch up on the doodles people have requested. I may make the same offer later in the week, so don’t despair! So far #SSAweek and Blogathon are going strong. $54,337 has been raised, though $50,000 came from the Stiefel Freethought Foundation and the rest came from 86 …

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Apr 06 2012

This is why I haven’t been blogging


My new distraction: Draw Something for iPhone. My favorite part: Taking way too much time to draw something where a stick figure would have conveyed the message. For example, my drawing for the word “Obama”: This is what I did for “alone”: Feel free to add me – the username is jennifurret.

Jul 19 2011

Google wishes a Happy Birthday to Gregor Mendel

Pretty and scientific!

Jun 15 2011

A new godless comic book

Blag Hag reader Marjee Chmiel is working on a fantastic comic called Luci’s Let Down. Written by Marjee Chmiel and illustrated by Sandra Lanz, *Luci’s Let Down* is about the alienation that creative and skilled professionals face in corporate culture, a culture that too often devalues craftsmanship and holds profits over principles. It’s also about …

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Mar 29 2011

I know what I’m doing in 4.5 years

You and your committee may be the only people who read your PhD dissertation (well, if you’re lucky) – but you can still enjoy is aesthetically:From Street Anatomy: A long-time Street Anatomy fan and soon-to-be doctor, Stephen, recently sent in this image of an anatomical heart made up entirely of the words from his dissertation. …

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Sep 10 2010

Guess what I now own?

The first two issues of The Atheist comic:The covers are cool enough, but the story is kind of neat: When your fears are beyond belief you need a hero beyond believing. Antoine Sharpe is a scalpel on two legs – skeptical, brilliant, ruthless. A special agent with a shadowy department of the U.S. government, Sharpe …

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Aug 31 2010

New York Recap Part2: SEX!

On the Friday after my photoshoot I decided to hit up a couple New York museums. First I headed over to the Museum of Sex, which a bunch of my readers suggested to me. Man, I have no idea why you guys thought I would want to go to this place. Do I look like …

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