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Jul 05 2012

Paris Food Porn – Sweet


And now, the sweets! Okay, a regular ol’ croissant isn’t exactly a sweet, but I had to include it somewhere. I consumed so many of these for breakfast throughout the street. They were just from random bakeries within a block of our apartment, but they were the best croissants I’ve ever had. Mmmm, chocolate croissant. …

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Jul 05 2012

Paris Food Porn – Savory


Because really, the food was my favorite part of Paris. Our last meal was at Robert et Louise in Marias, and it perfectly sums up how amazing the food was. We came back to this place twice because this was probably the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. For an appetizer, classic escargot. Managed …

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Jul 05 2012

I’m back!

After over 24 hour of traveling, I arrived back in Seattle last night. But I’m not posting until now because I promptly passed out at 9pm. Missed all of the 4th of July fireworks and was too tired to care. Maybe spending two weeks in Europe is what made me so unpatriotic. As fun Paris …

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Jun 26 2012



Tonight’s my last night in Dublin. I’m getting ready to fly to Paris tomorrow (woooo!) but I wanted to give a brief update before I disappeared into vacation again. We stayed near the grand canal, which was a cute area: Overall one of my favorite things about Dublin was the architecture: The other thing I …

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Jun 05 2012

Help this stupid tourist

In two weeks (holy crap) I’ll be traveling to Europe! I’ll be in Dublin, Ireland (June 21 – 26) and then Paris, France (June 27 – July 4). During the French leg of our trip, we’re going to take a day trip by train to Brussels, Belgium. I can’t even explain how freaking excited I …

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Mar 31 2012

Dublin, here I come!

It’s official: I’ll be heading to Dublin this summer! Woooo! I’ll be giving a poster presentation at the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 2012 conference, which is in Dublin from Saturday, June 23 to Tuesday, June 26. I’m really looking forward to it. A lot of people from my department are going, including my …

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Mar 12 2012

Spring break speaking schedule – MN, IN, DC

My spring break is next week! While my fellow grad students will be heading off to beaches or mountains to enjoy their time off, I’ll be going to… the Midwest. The place I’m constantly thankful for escaping. Yaaaaay. In all seriousness, I am excited. I get to see a lot of friends during the trip …

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Nov 15 2011

Skepticon is nigh!

Are you ready for Skepticon 4 this weekend?!?! I’m not. I still have to finish my talk. I had a nightmare last night about being too busy pubcrawling at Skepticon to make my slides. Those nightmares may not be too far off. I’ve never been to Skepticon before, but it has quite the reputation for its …

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Nov 14 2011

I heart Canada

I spent this weekend exploring Victoria, BC thanks to being invited to speak for the Victoria Secular Humanist Association. It was my first time in Victoria, and my first time driving a car onto a boat. Which I got to do four times! I know, how crazy is that?!?! …I am from Indiana. Ferries are …

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Nov 06 2011

Canada, here I come! Again.

This Sunday (Nov 13) I’ll be giving my talk about my trip to the Creation Museum to the Victoria Secular Humanist Association. It starts at 10:30am at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre (3220 Cedar Hill Rd, Saanich, BC). Do I have any blog readers in Victoria? Who knows. If I do, I hope I’ll see you …

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