Monthly Archive: August 2013

Aug 28 2013

Why are you calling my texting device?

I have massive phone anxiety. I feel a bit silly saying that, since using a telephone seems like the simplest task possible. But thanks to my brain cranking my anxiety up to 11, a phone call can be pretty daunting. I’ve tried to encourage people in my life not to randomly call me, but most …

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Aug 23 2013

PAX prime approaches!

One of my favorite events of the year is next weekend – the Penny Arcade Expo. It’s a blast every year, but it’s pretty much impossible for a nerd like me to not love it. I love being able to demo upcoming games, especially the indie games that I’ve never heard of but end up …

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Aug 22 2013

Blag Hag Grab Bag 8/22/2013

I woke up in a pretty bad mood, but thankfully I have Pixel who knows just the way to distract me: puking all over the carpet. Thanks, kitty. Manning switch challenges style editors – Why is this so hard for some people? If she wants people to use feminine pronouns, then refer to her as …

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Aug 21 2013

Mandisa Thomas adds some pertinent information

I want to highlight this comment by Mandisa Thomas left on my post “On silencing anger to silence minority voices”: Greetings, Mandisa Thomas here – the person to whom the Black on Black crime question was directed. My talk on the day in question was about how the Freethought community can learn from the Hospitality …

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Aug 20 2013

I think we could all use a cute cat video about now

Here’s one of Pixel playing with her favorite string toy and fetching it out of her tower. Forgive the shoddy left handed iPhone camera skills.

Aug 19 2013

On silencing anger to silence minority voices


My favorite thing to wake up to in the morning is white straight cis men insisting they get to decide who your allies are and that you should not ever get angry, but rather calmly explain basic topics to hostile questions from every person that wanders across your path as if it were your personal …

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Aug 15 2013

Blag Hag Grab Bag 8/15/2013

Congratulations to my labmate for her successful dissertation defense today! She now officially has the coolest name ever – Dr. Claw. ‘Turducken’ of the sea–scientists off Delaware catch shark within a shark – Nature is simultaneously awesome and terrifying. When Social Media CEOs Abet Stalking & Storify, Stalkers and Terms of Service – Oh look, …

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Aug 13 2013

Belated raging

Today I found out from my dad that when my mom was in the hospital recovering from a serious surgery to remove the tumors from her ovarian cancer, some evangelical Christians came into her room uninvited during a rare moment when my dad was away to try to convert her and ask if she’s heard …

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Aug 13 2013

The euphoria of an okay day

A couple of weeks ago I opened up about my severe depression. Unfortunately, depression is not new to me. It’s hit me from time to time since I was about ten years old. Sometimes it has obvious triggers, but sometimes it seems to strike at random. Sometimes it may only last for a week or …

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Aug 11 2013

Blag Hag Grab Bag 8/11/2013

As an intro to this social-justicey link roundup, I have a request for all of you: Please don’t send me the stupid crap misogynistic assholes write about me unless it contains threats that I need to forward to the police. Thanks. The Good Old Days – Jamie at Skepchick has a great post addressing skeptics …

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