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The Reason Rally is one month away!

The Reason Rally – the largest gathering of atheists, humanists, and secularists in history – is just one month away. On March 24, I’ll be in Washington DC to march on the Mall with my fellow heathens, including:

  • Jessica Ahlquist
  • Jamila Bey
  • Greta Christina
  • Lawrence Krauss
  • Richard Dawkins
  • Hemant Mehta
  • PZ Myers
  • Taslima Nasrin
  • Paul Provenza
  • James Randi
  • Adam Savage
  • Michael Shermer
  • A hugely famous comedian who I’m dying to announce but can’t yet!

…and more! With entertainment by:

  • Rational Warrior
  • Tim Minchin
  • Bad Religion

Don’t have the money? The event is FREE! Still don’t have the money? We’re doing everything we can to make the Reason Rally as cheap as possible. We’re offering 50% discounts on bus rides to DC, have a room share program on the website, and have discounts at a number of hotels in the area.

Are you a student and have negative amounts of money? I sympathize, but there’s still hope! If you’re part of a Secular Student Alliance affiliate group, your group can apply for funding from the SSA to attend the rally! No more excuses!

Not only is the rally going to be a blast, but there will be other fun activities going on. What fun activities, you ask? Well, other than laughing at the inevitable fundy protestors that will show up… A post-rally celebration with Hemant Mehta of Friendly Atheist and the bloggers of Freethought Blogs! Woooo! Exclamation marks!!!!

Can you tell I’m excited? I can’t help it – the Secular Student Alliance is one of the sponsoring organizations, and I’m their representative to the rally. That means I’ve been spending months helping to make sure the programming looks good and the event runs smoothly, along with the reps from the other sponsoring orgs.

I know some people just can’t make it. We have busy schedules, small budgets, and physical limitations. I totally understand. But at the very least, please spread the word. Tell all of your friends and family members who may be interested, even if they’re not already a part of the atheist movement. Especially if they’re not already part of the atheist movement. Plaster this all over Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and what have you. We don’t want a  piddly amount of people show up and Fox News to laugh at us.

So, come to meet me as I’m mulling around the crowd.

Come to show America that non-theists are a voting block that exists.

Come to give Rick Santorum a heart attack by showing that yes, secularism IS trying to take over our government.

But most of all, come to have fun.