Sep 08 2010

How my Grandma packs for road trips

True story.
I’m going to assume this is a universal Grandma trait, not something limited to Greek Grandmas. As much as I do love her avgolemono soup, not so easy to eat in the car…

Anyway, thanks, Yia yia! Now back to packing!


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    Kate Roberts


  2. 2

    We always get biscuits (the little plaited ones) when we visit my partner’s greek gmo. :) awesome!

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    Improbable Joe

    Funny! Somewhat related, my parents are driving to visit me in a couple of weeks. I called them last night to check on final plans, and see if there was anything specific I should stock the fridge with for them. My mother has already been shopping, and has a box of food already packed. They live a half-day’s drive from here, and are just coming for a long weekend, and I HAVE FOOD HERE!

  4. 4
    Logical Abe

    grandma? my wife does this. she packed a litter of milk once..

  5. 5
    Andrew Hall

    Two of my buddies and I drove to New Mexico from Massachusetts in a small car with no radio and no air conditioning in Auggust. We made it in 44 hours. In retrospect this was a poor idea.http://laughinginpurgatory.blo

  6. 6

    On Labor Day, my friend’s mom sent me home with bread, water and soda, and cole slaw. Cole slaw?

  7. 7
    Sam Barnett-Cormack

    See, apart from the soup (really not practical), I’m like that. Except it’s not home-made… I like to be well equipped for journeys.

  8. 8

    Feel free to stop in Chicago to drop off any avgolemono soup you can’t make use of. (Or just to stop by, the soup isn’t like an entry fee or something.)

  9. 9

    My mom is like that, especially when we go on road trips. She’ll make enough tea and sandwiches to feed an army.

  10. 10

    My grandmother is very much like that, particularly at holidays. She always loads me up with far more food than I can even imagine eating. I love it! It’ll be a problem, though, now that I’m three hours away from her house.

  11. 11

    Hahaha, I love your grandma =)

  12. 12

    I think you’re supposed to stop by the road-side at some picturesque picnic table and slowly enjoy both the soup and muffins. You’re on a road trip – what’s the hurry?

  13. 13

    I had a greek grandma too, and if I was ever going somewhere overnight, she made sure I brought enough baklava to tile the driveway! But I think its just a grandma thing, not exclusively greek.

  14. 14

    Oh my goodness, does this one ever hit home! Certainly not unique to Greek grandmas. Grandmas of Anglo-Saxon descent do exactly that as well. :)

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    Ayesha Maya

    Indian Grandma’s: Theplas (round lentil and wheat pancakes), mango pickle, lemon rice, water at different temperatures, tea and coffee, four packets of home-made farsan (like cornflakes- but a hell of a lot spicier ;)), mixed nuts, at least 2 varieties of biscuits both with and without cream, mince sandwiches, chocolate cake and cold lime juice.

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