May 08 2010

I’m done, weeeee!

Yesterday I took my last final exam of my undergraduate career. Crazy to think how fast these four years went…and in a week I’ll be handed my degree. I’m officially done!

…Well, except for the fact that I have four to five years of graduate school coming up. And then a couple years of post docs. Hooray, academia. Oh well, I like it, and that’s all that matters.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m celebrating by going to my good friend’s day long bachelorette party in Indianapolis. If I return alive tomorrow, I’ll do some real blogging. Until then, consider this an open thread.


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    Jen, it’s a good thing I guess that you put a “no Midwest” filter on your graduate school search.It turns out that getting married in Minnesota involves all sorts of religious crapola.

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    Day-long bachelorette party? The mind shudders!

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    Jen, You should be my friend. I think you are funny and smart. Another disaffected freak in Indiana,Sybilhttp://cavemouth.blogspot.com/

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    Andrew R Sather

    Congratulations! Best of luck in the next adventure in your life. Namaste

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    Karen Waldenmeyer

    So does mine… ugh!

  6. 6
    Courtney S.

    Congrats! Hope grad school is only minimally miserable for you!

  7. 7

    Does that mean we get to play Civ IV soon? I’m freaking jonesing after Mark cocked out on me last night.

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    Michael D. BArton


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    Eric Dutton

    Congratulations!In my opinion, grad school is more fun than undergrad; everything you do is at least related to something you deeply care about. I’m no economist, but this might be a good time to be in school, anyway. I just got my master’s degree in ENGLISH. Now I’m looking for work in the aftermath of the latest great depression. Things are looking kind of bleak right now.Please survive the party; although, I’m sure there are worse ways to go.

  10. 10

    Http-high-five for finishing that exam. Jen, if you ever find yourself, even 10 or 20 years from now, occasionally dreaming that you are: … writing an exam, or suddenly realizing you should be somewhere else writing an exam, or not being able to find the exam you should be in, or even walking through a room where people are writing an exam and suddenly realizing you should be among them… and then waking up and going W T F… that’s perfectly normal. Have fun…

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    Hugo Grinebiter

    This happens to me, thirty years after, but I don’t wake up thinking WTF, I wake up in a state of anxiety then try to get my head round the fact that I’m not digs-hunting in a strange university city but have my own apartment. Ditto that I don’t need to finish my thesis, did that in 1984. It’s actually rather nice having an awful scary problem go away like that.

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    Sam Barnett-Cormack

    Congratulations, feels good, doesn’t it? I must say I’m impressed with a 1-week turnaround from final exam to graduation… I don’t know if that’s normal in the US, but here (in the UK) there’s usually a couple of weeks of marking, then a departmental Exam Board, then approval by Senate… at Lancaster, it’s over a month before results, and then a week or three before graduation, and some people’s results don’t come through until not so long before graduation…Plus, I have a sticky ‘o’ key and nearly ended up saying that finishing exams feels god… which was amusing to do here.

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    Enjoy sleep now, because that is one of the first things to go in grad school.

  14. 14
    Andrew Hall

    I haven’t been an undergraduate… for a while. I just finished the 48 Hour Film Project last weekend and it reminded me of finals. http://laughinginpurgatory.blo

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    I second that. nothing better than waking up and realizing you did not, as a matter of fact, just miss an important exam :-p

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    Sam Barnett-Cormack

    Despite finishing a bachelors and a masters (albeit there was only one exam on the masters), I don’t get those dreams. For me, it’s hospital appointments or meetings for the charity I’m involved with.

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    I still have one sit down final, a paper on Rouseau, a chapter in my Japanese workbook, and a Japanese essay to go. I wish I was already finished with them.

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    CONGRATULATIONS!I hope you’re going to grad school in some place other than the black hole of Indiana.

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    Well, I guess you didn’t make it back alive from bacheloretting.What got you? The male strippers? The tequila shooters? A session of truth and dare gone bad?

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    4-5 years of grad school? Good luck with that :P

  24. 24

    Completely off topic, just thought I should say how amazing this blog is.It’s interesting to see how in your face religion is on your Uni campus. I’m in NZ, at Otago, and here the christian student group is best known for giving out sausages and sober driving randoms in O’week. Non-theists probably outweigh theists on my campus (note a scientific study, just from what I have seen) and there about as many evangelical christians as there are members of the international socialists.Your awesome, please keep it up :)

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    *note = notmy bad

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    I am now done for the semester as well… but I still have a year to go (well, kind of… I only need 1 more class to graduate but I’m probably just going to stuff my schedule full of grad classes so I can get my Master’s sooner).Unfortunately, I still need to grade a bunch of final exams this week… that’s going to be fun.

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    Congrats, Jen!

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    Jen, you need to post more. Some of us are still doing papers and exams and need proper distractions. Have a heart.

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