Christian concert for a public school?

I was listening to the radio on my way to the airport this morning, mainly to have some noise on to keep me awake. I was vaguely listening to some commercial about a benefit concert being held at West Lafayette High School, when a clip from the musical group was played:

“Jesus, help me see the morning light…”

Then I started paying a lot more attention.

Apparently the concert was to raise money for Haiti and for local student athletes in the Lafayette area. They would also be presenting an award to the student who was named athlete of the year.

…Am I the only person that finds this a bit inappropriate?

I think some schools have special rules where outside groups can rent their space, religious or not (correct me if I’m wrong). If this was just some outside group having a concert, it wouldn’t bug me. But it seems like the public school system itself is sponsoring and organizing this. It’s not just a band that happens to be Christian – they also chose to publicize it using a blatantly religious gospel soundbite.

What about the non-Christian students and student athletes? I was a student athlete – Captain of our golf team – and I would have felt extremely awkward if our award ceremony had been full of gospel music. It’s simply inappropriate for a public school.

Am I overreacting? Was I just especially cranky at 6:30 in the morning? Should we not care since it’s for a good cause, or should the high school had found a more appropriate, secular band?

Edit: Finally got some real Internet, and it turns out it’s for Purdue students. False alarm. Thank you stupid uninformative commercial.