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Feb 16 2014

Black Children Slaughtered: Mistrial in the Murder of Jordan Davis

By Carl Dix The case of Michael Dunn, the white man who murdered 17-year-old Jordan Davis after arguing with him over the loud music Davis and his friends were playing in a gas station parking lot, shows once more why we need to make revolution to get rid of the capitalist system that has subjected …

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Jan 31 2014

Young Women of Color & Social Justice FTB Panel


For communities of color, social justice is more than just a cool buzz phrase to trot out in comfortable online forums and confabs.  Nationwide, communities of color are reeling from the structural impact of economic depression, historic assaults on public education and deepening residential segregation.  On Saturday, February 1st  feminist commentators and activists from the …

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Jan 21 2014

Airbrushing Race out of “Income Inequality”

wealth gap blacks whites

By Sikivu Hutchinson “This is the worst I’ve seen it in a long time,” Cecil McLinn, the principal of Duke Ellington Continuation School in South Los Angeles, told me recently after one of our students missed a week of school because she didn’t have shoes.  A highly-regarded administrator and longtime advocate in South L.A., McGlinn …

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Jan 08 2014

Stuff White People Like: Secular Tourists

By Sikivu Hutchinson  A thriving brand of secular tourism can now be definitively filed under the category “stuff white people like”:  Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta has sponsored a crowd-funding campaign for a white male former pastor named Ryan Bell who—in a bit of brilliant PR stagecraft—“decided to…give atheism a try” for a year.  As a …

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Dec 17 2013

Secular Student Alliance Matching Fund Pledge

The Secular Student Alliance has generously pledged a $1500 matching grant toward the Women’s Leadership Project’s (WLP) 2014 fundraising goals. The WLP is a feminist humanist mentoring, leadership and social justice advocacy program for young women of color in South Los Angeles high schools. For the past several years, the WLP has successfully “pipelined” first …

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Dec 17 2013

Exposing Your Non-Belief & Why the Decision Can Be Paralyzing


On Sunday, December 15th, The People of Color Beyond Faith network will host a Google Hangouts discussion on coming out as a non-believer of color with a diverse panel of African descent atheists. The discussion will be moderated by Donald Wright, founder of Houston Black Non-Believers: Panelists: Donald Barbera: Don Barbera has been in the …

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Dec 09 2013

The Souls of Black Boys

Young male scholars

By Sikivu Hutchinson “No one ever discussed Trayvon Martin with us in class,” said Sydney, an introspective 9th grader, wistfully. Sydney is a participant in my Young Male Scholars pilot at Gardena High School in South Los Angeles. He and a dozen other 9th and 10th graders are having a spirited discussion about the impact …

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Dec 07 2013

Resisting the white washing of Mandela

young Mandela

by Frederick Sparks As with Martin Luther King, Jr., we see in the remembrances and tributes to Nelson Mandela a certain oversimplification, appropriation, and white washing of not only the complexity of his political history but of his comprehensive social justice philosophy. Former senator and failed Republican presidential candidate compared his party’s fight against Obamacare to …

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Nov 24 2013

People of Color Beyond Faith Roundtable: Debunking Postracialism

On Sunday, November 24th the People of Color Beyond Faith network will host a live roundtable discussion on the myth of postracialism, racism and “diversity” in the secular/atheist/freethought movement, social justice, and intersectional issues amongst non-believers of color. Where: Google Chat/Youtube Time: 11am PST (1pm CST/2pm EST) Moderator: Sikivu Hutchinson Panelists: Kimberly Veal, Black Freethinkers & Black Skeptics …

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Nov 23 2013

Report Reveals LGBT People of Color Are Most Disadvantaged Workers

  Word to straight white cis delusional postracialists: From the Feminist News: LGBT people of color are the most disadvantaged workers in the US, according to a new report released last week by the Movement Advancement Project, Center for American Progress, Freedom to Work, Human Rights Campaign, and the National Black Justice Coalition. The report, …

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