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Feb 25 2013

Black Skeptics Los Angeles observe Day of Solidarity

day of solidarity 1

By Frederick Sparks Black Skeptics Los Angeles observed the Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers with a visit to the California African-American Museum (CAAM) followed by lunch at a south Los Angeles restaurant. CAAM is located in Exposition Park, part of a complex of museums  (including the science museum that now houses the Space Shuttle …

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Jan 17 2013

On Faith, Mante Te’O’s fake girlfriend and the Age of Narrative

Manti Te'O

by Frederick Sparks “Faith is believing in something you most likely can’t see, but you believe to be true”  – Manti Te’o In what has to be one of the oddest stories of the new year, the story of celebrated Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’O’s triumphant performance against arch rival Michigan after losing his girlfriend to …

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Dec 20 2012

The NRA, the KKK, and the 2nd Amendment’s Black History


by Frederick Sparks “A Winchester Rifle should have a place of honor in every black home.” – Ida B. Wells Barnett Grabbing a group lunch after our latest Los Angeles Black Skeptics meeting, the conversation inevitably turned to the massacre in Newtown and the related issue of gun laws and gun control.  One new member expressed his opposition …

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Nov 13 2012

Lee Atwater breaks down the GOP “Southern Strategy” in 1981

By Frederick Sparks Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James Carter IV, who brought us the infamous “47%” Mitt Romney video, has uncovered the audio recording of an interview of the famed political consultant Atwater by late political science professor Alexander Lamis.  Lamis published the interview without using Atwater’s name in his 1984 book  The Two Party South, and …

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Nov 08 2012

Besting them at their own game: Planned Parenthood PACs outperform Rove’s

By Frederick Sparks And it wasn’t even close. According to the Sunlight Foundation,  97.82% of the expenditures of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Inc. and 98.58% of the expenditures of Planned Parenthood Votes’ ended in the desired results, in terms of candidates supported and opposed.   As a comparison: The worst performers were the NRA’s super …

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Oct 16 2012

FL Judge: Schizophrenic death row inmate’s Jesus visions no crazier than many Christians’


By Frederick Sparks He’s sane enough for us to kill him. In 1986, the U.S. Supreme Court in Ford v. Wainright confirmed the common law principle that execution of the mentally insane violates the constitution (” For today, no less than before, we may seriously question the retributive value of executing a person who has no comprehension …

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Sep 30 2012

Black Skeptics talk Scientific Racism at CFI Los Angeles

Black Skeptics of Los Angeles members Frederick Sparks and Daniel Myatt

by D Frederick Sparks This past Wednesday, the Black Skeptics of Los Angeles were featured at CFI Los Angeles’ Cafe Inquiry for a presentation titled Debunking Science as Savior: Is Science Infallible.  The talk focused on the history and present reality of racism and racist exploitation in science, specifically with respect to medical science and …

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Jul 24 2012

Alarming HIV infection rate among black gay and bisexual men

By Frederick Sparks The HIV infection rate among black men who have sex with men (MSM) in the U.S. now rivals what is seen in the worst impacted parts of the world, including Southern Africa, according to recent studies.  The numbers were more alarming than expected for health care providers, researchers and policy professionals already focused …

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Jul 20 2012

Aurora, Colorado: Tragedy, Wingnuttery, and a possible racial angle?

By Frederick Sparks The senseless tragedy in which 12 moviegoers were murdered and scores other injured at a screening of the new Batman film may have been enough to “halt” the presidential campaigns, but the predictable conversations about gun rights, gun control, and of course “God” march on.  Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert blames the shooting on the fact …

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Jul 16 2012

Research participants sought: people of color identifying as nonbelievers

By Frederick Sparks I sat down for my interview last week.  The researcher was still looking for more participants; the contact information and a description of the study can be found here.

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