Black Skeptics/POCBF Statement on Ferguson & Our Hate Mail

Black Skeptics Group & People of Color Beyond Faith condemn the actions of Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. We would like to extend our condolences and well wishes to the family and friends of Michael Brown, and we stand in solidarity with the protestors in Ferguson and elsewhere. Given the recent events in Ferguson it is imperative that systemic inequalities pertaining to policing and white supremacist policies are closely examined and redressed. We are very concerned about the militarized response of police to peaceful protests from those who seek justice for communities that have had a long history of police suppression, racial segregation and discrimination. We at Black Skeptics Group recognize that communities of color are over-policed and underserved.  We join the community in calling for a timely and transparent investigation into Brown’s death as well as potential criminal prosecution of Officer Wilson.


Carl Roberts
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Keep on killing each other you Black racist.


The Moeller
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Stop making this a racial issue. You blacks riot before getting any facts. If you want to be taken seriously, start acting like a human being. No doubt we need to address these killings, but to turn this into a racial issue, which is what you always do, is absurd. I just fired a man, black man, for showing up to work drunk, stealing money from my drawers, and giving away hotel rooms. He claimed it is because he’s black. Get over yourselves.


Confederate Cash
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Nat’l Moment of Silence for Victims of Police Terrorism




“Come out on Thursday, August 14, 4 PM PST/7pm EST to join us for a national vigil to commemorate all those who have become victims of police brutality and terrorism in the US. These vigils will happen simultaneously around the country to seer the names of those slain by the state into the national conscience.

These are peaceful gatherings of friends in the same location to pay respects to victims. You’re allowed to gather together in small groups, peacefully… If you encounter police and are asked what you’re doing, inform them that you and your friends are gathering to remember friends of yours that passed away. If they ask you to move along, you can ask why they are requesting it and when it became against the law for friends to gather together in public.”

List of cities and locations can be found here


In Solidarity w/Ferguson sick of your colorblind bullshit

White America:

Michael Brown.

The young man was on his way to college the next day.

Yet he was brutally executed by fascist police state thugs in occupied territory and left to bleed in the street like a dog.

He did everything that white America claimed he should do to keep from being branded a savage and was murdered in cold blood.

White people this will never ever happen to your children.  White women this will never (see below) ever happen to your little girls.

Don’t come on here with any racist colorblind bullshit platitudes.

Michael Brown












Aiyanna Jones

Aiyanna Jones


Aiyanna Jones, murdered for sleeping while black, Detroit PD, 2010





Margaret MitchellMargaret Mitchell, murdered for walking while black, LAPD 1999










Tyisha Miller

Tyisha Miller, murdered for being incapacitated while black, Riverside, CA PD 1998