Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 29 2013

Women’s Leadership Project featured at Teen Skepchick

Janeth Silva

WLP leaders on racism, feminism, school climate and media images of women of color in the Teen Skepchick Interviews series, “where TS writers talk with amazing women scientists and skeptics about life, the universe, and everything. These three women are part of the Women’s Leadership Project, a feminist service learning program in South Los Angeles. The WLP has …

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Mar 27 2013

Defense of Marriage: Racism, Family Values and the 99%

LGBT families

By Sikivu Hutchinson As Prop 8’s lead attorney trotted out the standard Christian fascist “marriage is only for procreation” party line before the Supreme Court yesterday, I was reminded of a 2012 Los Angeles Times story about the changing demographics of California families.  The article leads with an idyllic portrait of a white lesbian-headed family …

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Mar 14 2013

Int’l Day to Defend Apostates and Blasphemers

March 14th is the International Day to Defend Apostates and Blasphemers. We stand in solidarity with the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and courageous activists like Maryam Namazie to highlight and protest cases of draconian persecution worldwide: “Countless individuals accused of apostasy and blasphemy face threats, imprisonment, and execution. Blasphemy laws in over 30 countries and apostasy laws in …

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Mar 11 2013

Ida B. Wells, Feminist Public Menace

Ida B Wells

By Sikivu Hutchinson At an early age, black girls are branded as public menaces. They are suspended and expelled for “defiance” at greater rates than white boys who commit actual felony offenses. They pack the juvenile halls and adult prisons of the most prolific “first world” jailer on the planet. In textbook history, their connection to radical social change …

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Mar 07 2013

Real World Atheism: A Panel on Godless Activism & Cultural Relevancy

In a nation in which economic inequality, racial wealth gaps, mass incarceration of people of color and Christian fascist mobilization have become the rule, what are some examples of culturally relevant atheist and humanist activism? On Friday, March 8th at 7pm, the DePaul Alliance for Free Thought, in association with the Secular Student Alliance, Center for …

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Mar 06 2013

School-to-Prison Sequestration & White Post-Racial Privilege

College panel 2013

By Sikivu Hutchinson “If you’ve seen a black or Latino person portrayed as a criminal on TV within the past twenty-four hours stand up.  If you’ve seen a black or Latino person portrayed as a professional on TV recently stand up.”  These were the two powerful icebreaker questions my students asked the audience in a …

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