Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 20 2012

The NRA, the KKK, and the 2nd Amendment’s Black History


by Frederick Sparks “A Winchester Rifle should have a place of honor in every black home.” – Ida B. Wells Barnett Grabbing a group lunch after our latest Los Angeles Black Skeptics meeting, the conversation inevitably turned to the massacre in Newtown and the related issue of gun laws and gun control.  One new member expressed his opposition …

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Dec 16 2012

Nice White Boys Next Door and Mass Murder

By Sikivu Hutchinson Standing in line at the California Science Center the day of the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary school, my students wondered aloud about the race of the shooter.  “More than likely he was white,” they agreed. As the only people of color waiting to be admitted to the exhibit, their open …

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