Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 30 2012

Black Skeptics talk Scientific Racism at CFI Los Angeles

Black Skeptics of Los Angeles members Frederick Sparks and Daniel Myatt

by D Frederick Sparks This past Wednesday, the Black Skeptics of Los Angeles were featured at CFI Los Angeles’ Cafe Inquiry for a presentation titled Debunking Science as Savior: Is Science Infallible.  The talk focused on the history and present reality of racism and racist exploitation in science, specifically with respect to medical science and …

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Sep 30 2012

African Secularists and the Missionary Legacy

By Moses Alusala To some, African freethought may seem like an oxymoron; contradicting traditional stereotypes.  Most Africans are ignorant of the role freethought has played in the social, cultural, and political development of the continent and continues to play in its evolution. This is because the life, work and deeds of African freethinkers is often …

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Sep 25 2012

College Dreams, Social Justice: Activist Lizeth Soria

Lizeth Soria

By Sikivu Hutchinson Recently, the L.A. Times reported that California’s community college system, the gateway to jobs and university transfers for the majority of the state’s students of color, is in a state of deep fiscal crisis.  Fees are increasing, core classes that students need are scant, math and English remediation is the norm for incoming freshman, …

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Sep 19 2012

Massa Mitt Does South of the Border

By Sikivu Hutchinson Over the past few months, the GOP has proudly reveled in Ronald Reagan’s old chestnut that “facts are stupid things.” First, Anne Romney told us at the Republican convention that her bootstraps moxie enabled her to work hard enough to marry a multi-millionaire.  Then Mother Jones broke the story that Massa Mitt rhapsodized at …

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Sep 18 2012

Taskmasters for the Gods: On Religious Terrorism

By Naima Washington When I’m seeking clear political analysis, I don’t depend on others (particularly politicians and/or celebrities) to help me to understand what is going on, but recently I listened with a great deal of annoyance as Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, et al. expressed their dismay about a film made in the US which supposedly …

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Sep 11 2012

Books by Black Atheists

Anthony Pinn God Talk

Contrary to popular belief, there have been several books published by African American atheists over the past decade.  Despite the growing number of African American atheists, and stock calls for “diversity” within the movement, scholarship by black authors and academics has received little critical visibility or popular support from secular/atheist/humanist communities. New and old offerings from prolific Rice …

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Sep 03 2012

Black Skeptics L.A. at CFI


            Is Science Infallible? Debunking Science As Savior Where: Center for Inquiry, 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA When: September 26th @ 7:30-9:00 p.m. Contact: [email protected] Although scientific inquiry trumps religious and astrological doctrine as a method used to understand the mysteries of the  universe and the human condition, it …

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