Annual Pastors Conference: All White Christians Invited

By Frederick Sparks

But oh no, it isn’t racist. The groups sponsoring the event, the Christian Identity Ministries, (whose website states: “Our true countenance is not one of hate, but one of love. Yes, we believe that the Europeans and their descendants are the chosen people of God. We believe this, not because we think that the white race is superior, but because there is overwhelming proof in support of this belief. “) and the Church of God’s Chosen, merely didn’t have sufficient facilities to accommodate non-whites.  The organizers also pointed out that they’ve never been invited to NAACP meetings and mosques and synagogues and stuff….so there!   What’s the problem?

The closing day of the event will include a “Sacred Christian Cross Lighting Ceremony”, to symbolize an “opposition to tyranny.”  While there will be KKK members in attendance, this lighting ceremony is absolutely not  a “cross burning” long associated with Klan activity.


  1. says

    On the bright side, racists do at least have to pretend to not be racist now. It used to be they could openly proclaim they hated black people and thought that whites were God’s favorites.

  2. One Thousand Needles says

    Sacred Christian Cross Lighting Ceremony

    Will they be wearing their Sacred Christian White Robes during the ceremony?

  3. F says

    People who cite this sort of “overwhelming proof” are never able to produce it. (It’s just bigotry.)

    • says

      They are often able to produce the ‘proof’ that they’re talking about, it’s just that it’s all known fabrications dating from the late 19th century. Protocols of the Elders of Zion level stuff.

      • Jeremy Shaffer says

        That or the proof is only overwhelming once you ignore all the evidence that ends up making it pretty underwhelming if not outright laughable.

  4. embertine says

    I loved the comment that this was totally OK because they don’t get invited to Jewish conferences.

    I’ll take ‘false equivalence’ for ten please, Alex.

    • A 'Nym Too says

      Yeah, this. What has not being invited to a mosque got to do with pastors who are POC? They haven’t thought that one through, have they.

    • Kate from Iowa says

      Right. Because showing up and saying “I’d like to come in please” is just so hard. I’ve been to the nearest synagogue a number of times when I just wanted to be around people (and it’s easier to take their service than a Christian one, for me) and never once has anyone said “no, you have to go away unless we invite you.” And the NAACP? Seriously? No one needs an invitation to go to a damned NAACP meeting, just go. It’s just stupid how hard some people will look for an excuse to be bigoted.

  5. says

    The organizers also pointed out that they’ve never been invited to NAACP meetings and mosques and synagogues and stuff…

    Gee, I can’t imagine why.

    What assholes. If you have to start your mission statement off with a sentence insisting that you’re not about hate, that’s a bad sign.

    • says

      “We’re not a hate group. Don’t be fooled by the way that we’re using the rhetoric and ceremonies of the best-known hate group in U.S. history, because we’re totally not a hate group. What, don’t you trust us?”

  6. says

    Not really surprising considering that a church in Kentucky last year banned interracial couples, by a vote. Granted only a small percentage of the members voted but the ones that just ran away after the service instead of staying to vote maybe worse than the ones that voted the ban into place. I could go on with examples of Churches not quite as clearly linked to white supremacy but at this point it really doesn’t matter anymore. Religion/Churches have always been a bastion of intolerance, racism and misogyny so why be surprised.

  7. hexidecima says

    not have the “facilities” for other races? Ohhhh yes, they couldn’t pay for enough portapotties to protect their lily white bums from “contamination”.

    always good to watch self-decribed “good Christians” lie and lie and lie. Poor things, you’d think they’d get better at it, but alas, they never do.

  8. busterggi says

    I’ve already gone over this elsewhere and have had the ‘not REAL Christians’ defense thrown at me repeatedly.

    I’ve concluded there are no real Christians, only people who claim to be real Christians but are denied by others who claim to be real Christians.

  9. says

    Holy Bleached Jesusskin, Batman!
    This is no different (and is probably a direct descendant of) the arguments that slavery was “good” for the victims because that was their “natural state” and it “civilized” them. Absolutely obscene.

    I think it might be illegal here in Canada to advertise such a bigoted meeting, but I’m not sure how much of a exception religion gets in our anti-discrimination laws.

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