Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 25 2012

Silence Still Equals Death: Sexual Violence & Women of Color


      By Sikivu Hutchinson April is sexual assault awareness month.  It also marks the global observance of Denim Day for sexual assault survivors.  Black and mixed race women have some of the highest sexual assault rates in the U.S. Yet, recently, when young women of color in my class spoke on the disproportionate …

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Apr 19 2012

Stop Mass Incarceration: National Day of Action

From People of Color Organize: The Stop Mass Incarceration Network has called for a National Day of Action to Stop Mass Incarceration on Thursday, April 19th. These national actions have everything to do with, and joins with, the upsurge associated with the “Trayvon Martin moment.” On April 19th everyone who is concerned about injustice will …

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Apr 11 2012

College for the One Percent

Women's Leadership Project alum & students

By Sikivu Hutchinson Recently former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum called President Obama a snob for having the audacity to suggest that going to college should be a priority. As a privileged white male college graduate on big government’s payroll Santorum’s message to youth of color is: why go to college when there are unskilled …

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Apr 11 2012

A “Scientific” Racist Breaks it Down

By Sikivu Hutchinson Word has it that the murderer George Zimmerman will finally be charged in the killing of Trayvon Martin.  But the fight for Trayvon has rightfully exposed the polecat underbelly of lynch mob justice in the U.S. Exhibit A is John Derbyshire, swinging his balls to the breeze for whites fed up with “nonstop” coverage …

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Apr 04 2012

Trekkie-in-Chief:Obama and Uhura


By Frederick Sparks Actress Nichelle Nichols, best known for her role as Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura, recently shared  a picture of her White House visit in February.  She also tweeted this interesting tidbit:  “Months ago Pres Obama was quoted as saying that he’d had a crush on me when he was younger. I asked about that & he proudly …

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Apr 03 2012

Onward White Christian Terrorists

By Sikivu Hutchinson In yet another act of domestic terror against a family planning facility, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin was fire-bombed recently.  The attack comes on the heels of the bombing of a Pensacola, Florida clinic in January.  Although no one was injured in the attack, the fascist demonization of Planned Parenthood by …

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