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Eddie Long crowned a King with help of the Torah

By Frederick Sparks

In case you’re short on *facepalm* moments today, check out this video of  an odd coronation of scandal plagued pastor Eddie Long as a Hebrew king by a fellow who appears to follow some variant of Messianic Judaism and who, because he has dual citizenship with Israel, speaks on behalf of the “Jewish people”.

In the sea of inanity that is this video, the stretch I found particularly interesting was the segment on the number 22: 

 “There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet…22 chromosomes in the human body (the 23rd was added by man)..22 amino acids…Jewish doctors say if you look at cells through a microscope, they look like Hebrew script.” 


An associate professor of Hebrew critiques the scriptural claims here.  I’ll leave the rest to those with a working knowledge of biology and biochemistry.