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Jan 31 2012

Black Non-Believers Billboard Campaign


 Ad Campaign Highlights Rise in Religious Skepticism among African Americans   Amherst, New York – January 31, 2012 – African Americans for Humanism (AAH), a program of the Council for Secular Humanism that supports nonreligious African Americans, has launched a national multimedia advertising campaign showcasing religious skepticism in the African American community. Coinciding with Black …

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Jan 31 2012

Be Scofield, Greta Christina, and New Atheist racism

By Frederick Sparks Given that I may have talked to more atheists and religious people of color than even Be Scofield, I thought it appropriate to add my two cents. I’ve observed a few the written exchanges between Scofield and Greta Christina and agree with the assessment that he is either sloppy or downright dishonest …

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Jan 30 2012

Return to Mammyville & Godless Women


By Sikivu Hutchinson   The Help, the latest entry in the white woman pining-for-Mammy-atonement series, has garnered scores of accolades.  Following in the venerable tradition of Hollywood favorites Gone With the Wind (best supporting actress for mammy prototype Hatty McDaniel), Ghost (best supporting actress for New Age-mammy Whoopi Goldberg), and Precious (best supporting actress for pathological welfare queen mammy …

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Jan 26 2012

Black Atheists in the Pulpit: Dialogue with Zion Hill Baptist Church

Zion Hill exterior

            On February 1st, Black Skeptics Los Angeles will join with Zion Hill Baptist Church in South Los Angeles for a historic Black History Month presentation and roundtable.  The event will feature Moral Combat author Sikivu Hutchinson and author Donald Wright.  The Houston-based Wright is the author of The Only Prayer I’ll …

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Jan 21 2012

Defending Our Mother’s Gardens: In Observance of Roe v. Wade

By Sikivu Hutchinson (reprinted from blackfemlens, March 30, 11) In her landmark work In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens, Alice Walker wrote: “What did it mean for a black woman to be an artist in our grandmother’s time? Our great-grandmothers’ day? Did you have a genius of a great-great-grandmother who died under some ignorant and …

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Jan 17 2012

A Call to Atheists and Secularists to Defend Women’s Right to Abortion and Birth Control

By Sikivu Hutchinson In observance of the January 22nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Sunsara Taylor and I have drafted the following statement seeking signatories.  We also call on bloggers to write, post and speak in support of abortion rights this Sunday.  Please follow this link to the petition to add your signature: Atheists and secularists generally pride …

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Jan 16 2012

Ethnic Studies, MLK and Great Men

By Sikivu Hutchinson In one of the first scenes of the 2006 film Walkout, the day-glo radiance of L.A. suffuses a group of Lincoln High School seniors discussing their future prospects. It is 1968, and most of them have been told by their school guidance counselor that secretarial or vocational school is their best bet …

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Jan 14 2012

Latinos Beyond Belief

Los Angeles-based Social Studies teacher Sergio Ortega-Rodriguez talks to Black Skeptics about the complexities of being a Latino atheist and parent, bucking cultural traditions, the need for humanist educational centers, and becoming active in freethought community circles. What is your cultural/religious background (i.e. were you raised in a religious household) and when did you make the …

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Jan 11 2012

Supreme Court reaffirms churches right to discriminate

By Frederick Sparks In their infinite wisdom, the Supremes have decided that the long recognized “ministerial exception”, which bars employment discrimination claims by ministers against churches, also applies to anyone within a church who “holds a title representing a significant degree of religious training followed by a formal process of commissioning”, has “accepted the formal call …

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Jan 11 2012

Jim Crow Hollywood 101

George Lucas

By Sikivu Hutchinson Powerful master of the universe filmmaker George Lucas spoke recently to John Stewart about how even he was unable to get his new film “Red Tails” on the Tuskegee Airmen made.  Red Tails took two decades to produce. Despite the film’s “jingoistic” patriotic American brio Hollywood didn’t want to back or distribute a film with an all-black cast and …

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