Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 28 2011

The Christian Fascists’ Personhood Campaign

By Sikivu Hutchinson Taking its “life begins at conception” assault from State Legislature to State legislature, one of the most dangerous political forces in the U.S. is stepping up its crusade for the “rights” of the unborn. Backed by an organization called Personhood USA, the latest offensive by anti-choice Christian fascists involves a renewed movement …

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Oct 24 2011

The End is Near–Again!

Harold Camping of Oakland is at it again. The 90-year-old minister predicited that the world would end on October 21, 2011. This is the same prophet that predicted that the world was to have ended on May 21st of this year. Amazingly–or perhaps not–he made the same prediction in 1994. Camping raised millions of dollars …

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Oct 19 2011

Strong, Steady, and, of course, Secular!

By Naima Cabelle Washington I believe that it was the African American poet, Sterling Brown who wrote that “the strong men keep on coming!” During a recent visit to Houston, Texas for the 4th Annual Texas Freethought Convention, I was privileged to meet Glenn Ellison, Jr., a man with a gentle smile and a friendly …

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Oct 17 2011

Mormonism and Politics

By Norm Allen On October 11, 2011, the Associated Press carried a news story about a conservative Christian minister’s condemnation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), also known as the Mormons. The Rev. Robert Jeffress, minister of the First Baptist church in Dallas, told news reporters that presidential contender Mitt …

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Oct 15 2011

Atheism for the New Millennium

By Naima Cabelle Washington In his autobiography, Mirror to America, Dr. John Hope Franklin writes, “From the very beginning of my own involvement in the academy, the goal I sought was to be a scholar with credentials as impeccable as I could achieve. At the same time I was determined to be as active as …

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Oct 14 2011

Black Skeptics Group: Book Review: “You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Ar…

Book Review: “You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church . . . and Rethinking Faith” by David Kinnaman and Aly Hawkins By Don R Barbera Proselytizing for Professionals As a researcher, I’ve found the Barna Group to be highly professional and focused on making sure the minutiae often lost by others receives attention. …

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Oct 10 2011


A wise man once said that “the mind of the bigot is like the eye of the pupil. The more light you shed upon it, the more it contracts.” This thought came to mind after my incredibly brief appearance (perhaps ten minutes at the most) on a recent podcast hosted by the Black Atheists of …

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Oct 03 2011


Malcolm X was saved from a life of crime by Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam (NOI). However, after Malcolm left the NOI, he said that he felt a sense of intellectual freedom. He no longer felt compelled to say “the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us…” before every utterance. He no longer thought inside …

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